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Just bought a Spada.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Burnsie, Apr 13, 2006.

  1. Hi everyone.

    I've been lurking around on these forums for while and thought I should finally post something.
    I have just bought a Blue Spada after not having ridden a bike for while and am loving every minute that I am out on the road. I rode a lot as a kid, but never had the extra money as an adult to get a bike, but the wife was happy to get rid of a car, and buy the bike, so I went for it.
    I have to admit being a bit shocked at how fast 80km/h felt at first, but I have relaxed a heap in the week I've been commuting to work (about 20k's one way). Beginning to find that my speed is increasing without noticing, now. Better watch out for that.
    I can't believe how many people tailgate!! Not sure if it is the bike, the L Plate, or the fact that I'm only going 80, but I seem to be attractring them. Mostly young chicks on the mobile, or old buggers in Calias'. The B doubles have been really good- they have kept well away until passing, and then leaving heaps of space in front of me when changing lanes.

    Happy Easter!!

  2. Welcome back to the road Burnsie!

    Glad to hear you're back on the road and enjoying it.

    Welcome to the madness of Netrider too :p

    Stay Safe!

  3. hey Burnsie

    congrats on the Spada mate. I'm in the process of getting a VTR which is pretty much the same bike.

    enjoy mate.
    stay safe ova easter
  4. welcome - enjoy the riding .
  5. Welcome back to the road, go the Spada, it rocks.
  6. nice choice!

    you'll love the bike.
  7. Indeed, you won't hear any bad words about Spadas on Netrider!
  8. And i want one!!!

    not long to go now..... finalised new car today. Yay!!

    means bike is next big purchase.... looking at L's by end of next month and bike soon after!

    Choices are looking like Spada or GPX simply on price.

    Have funon the Spada...ther seem to be a lot of them being ridden on here.
  9. good start on bikes and have fun
    just be carful about girls on mobils while driving... hell just becareful if u see anyone talking while driving lol

    stay safe and happy riding
  10. Except the size of the fuel tank - my only grumble.. that and they need an extra 30Hp :grin:
  11. Thanks for the welcome!! I bought the bike cause a mate has one and he raves about it, when it works that is, and also because of all the praise it gets here.

    yeah the tank is fairly small, but I figure that I should be able to get about 200k's out of a tank, if not a tiny bit more.

    Any suggestions about carry bags? I looked at Ventura bags, but $350 seemed a lot for something I would have to modify...and I was worried about scratching the tank with a tank bag. I need something as I always have to bring work home to finish, and am begiining to get the irrits with a backpack.
  12. :LOL: We'd ALL like 30 extra horsepower :LOL:
  13. I used to get about 200km's out of a tank, then umm.. well my fuel economy isn't so good anymore, but I get to work faster :grin:

    I use a tank bag, works perfect for me. Fits in a visor change, lunch, wallet and phones etc etc. It has scratched the crappa out of my tank, but with the amount of km's I'm going to put on my bike, it's not really a concern (resale value).
  14. Spada is a good beginner ride but once you get used to it. You kind of imagine things how to make it go faster. And yes it has a small tank. Its a tough piece of a bike and easy to maintain. I'll surely miss her when I move on to a 600 or 900. http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e339/jungomer/DoggyBike.jpg