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Just bought a new SYM Red Devil 50cc

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by reddevil, May 8, 2007.

  1. HI!.

    Just bought a SYM Red Devil,

    However flat out will only do 45-50 KMH, Bike only has 30km on the clock, I bought it with 1km on the clock.

    once its run in will it go faster than that?.. Much faster , or just a little bit?. Anyone have one of these?

  2. You will need to derestricted it, so it will do 20 km/h more

    It's a Job for you, or a mech ($80-200)
    good luck
    here are some links for ya


    > When I got mine from the dealer he took the delimiter out
    > for me. It was just a rubber ring. I don't know where it
    > came from. He also mentioned there is a piece of pipe that
    > comes out from the bottoms of the exhaust (L shaped) that
    > detunes the exhaust. They have been succesful in cutting
    > off the tube and welding the the opening shut.
    > now then mate stop listen to all that rubbish above the only way way to
    > make it fly is to take out the restrictor in the manifold and take out the
    > washers in the varator
    > and then if u still want more power then there is a bolt in the reed valves
    > near your carb. ok mate
  3. Thanks, I took a look at that and seems to be for an Aprilla, is there anything specific to the Sym bikes anywhere?. As my understanding from reading elsewhere is they dont have a restricter in the exhaust system
  4. They say that you have the same engine as honda elite.
    have another look here.
    if you are ready to do it your self , do more search.. Google is your friend
    If not, take it to a mechanic $$$
    50cc usually gives you around 60km/h on a flat road....
    good luck
  5. Thanks, I went and spoke to the shop I bought it from and he says once its run in it will be better and if not to bring it back and they will sort it out for me.!
  6. Do not want to spoil it for ya, but I have never heard such a thing. The difference between a new engine and one with 1000km on the clock is minimum, certainly not a 50% improvement that we are talking about.
    Two scenarios + 1.
    a) He had the foggiest about derestrictions = go somewhere else
    b) He knows all about it, but since derestricting your bike voids the warranty, the last person to offer you to do it would be the dealer you bought it from!!!
    c) He knows and is willing to do it but wants you to break in the engine first. When I did it to my 50cc, I did it the first day, BUT I obeyed the rules of breaking the engine i.e. wait for the engine to warm up for 10 min before lift off, never full throttle for more than 30 sec etc. I enjoy my 70km/h since day one... If you want the same and feel responsible enough to take it easy, go and do it, or else wait for 2 months...
    PS. You think you can do it? Think again! It is not easy to ride 50km/h with 4x4 on your neck, knowing that you can do 70 if you want to…
  7. PS2.
    Don’t forget, you got a 50cc. Even if you get 70km/h, that would be after 1 min of full throttle. You will never get that uphill and the speed you will be cruising most of the time would be 50-55. So, get used to go slow, as that’s what you will be doing anyway. A 50cc speed is classified somewhere between a bicycle and a Volvo. It is just good to be derestricted, as you have 50% off the lights and that extra 10-15km/h to keep up with the 60 zone traffic.. I ride a 50cc to work everyday for 10 min on 60 zone roads and I love it because I don’t get stuck in traffic, I can park/dump it anywhere I like, without caring if people seat and spill their coffees on it or scratch it or nick it or whatever….
  8. I got the 50cc, as my route to work is all 50km zone and only takes 10 mins door to desk, I just wanted to it to be able to go 55-60 kmh so cars dont keep trying to squeeze past me. The guy said once its done 200kms to bring it back, I have done 60 so far so will have it done by the end of next week anyways. I dont care about the warranty, but im nervous about mucking about with the internals of the bike too much myself.

    I see my bike also has a catalytic converter, or thats what I think that little black cylinder on top of the exhaust is, it takes a feed from the exhaust and the pipe goes off somewhere else that I cant see,

    I assume I can just block this off?. or is it better to join the 2 pipes together in effect cutting the little black cylinder out of the system?.

    I think the place I bought it from should know whats what, so will meet the mechanic after my 200kms are up.
  9. Put a phat Yoshimura exhaust on it :LOL:

    I have rode a Bolwell Jolie 50cc derestricted it managed high 70kmh but nothing more than that.

    Just beware in some states, i'm not too sure, 50cc's are meant to be restricted and ironically are only meant to go 50kmh? I remember reading something like that somewhere. So if you go go 70kmh on a 50cc it is sure to arouse some suspicion.

    To derestrict it's either a washer in the exhaust, or something to do with the wires connected to the battery I've read.

    Better yet buy a Peugeot Ludix Blaster cost a heap, but go high 90's+ and can do mono's :moped:
  10. the devil

    Hey i just bought a red devil and its derestricted and pulls a bout 65 on the flat and about 75 down a massive hill just remove the washer out of the variator and run the good fuel and you will be right, next is the performance pipe and whole variator kit. Good Luck
  11. yeah, I think thats my problem, Cheers, Good to know it can do that speed as doing 47-50 kph is dangerous, people keep trying to squeeze past you.
  12. I had the washer taken out of the variater, Now the bike does 55-60km, They took it out for free.. :grin:

    Is it worth getting the exhaust modified as there is not a washer in it as some others have, but it does have this little pipe at the front and a black cylinder on top of the exhaust which the bike shop tells me are for emissions control?. Will removing both of these result in more power?.
  13. 2-stroke engines do respond favourably to a good free flowing sports exhaust. I probably wouldnt just "lop it off", i'd get a proper sports exhaust. Any good dealer should know all about the mods.

    Oh and i'd probably wait till your scoot is run in. Once its settled down a bit you'll get a better indication of how its performing.

    PS check out this thread
  14. Im in New Zealand and we dont seem to have the same level and supply of aftermarket parts as you guys in Aus,
    The main scooter dsitributor in wellington doesnt stock any after market parts for scooters, so will probably try and import one from Aus, someone like ShowAndGo. Its quite hard to find out exactly what to buy as well as the SYM Red Devil I have I think is the same as the Bowell Red Devil in Australia, except my front lights look more like those from the Euro X
  15. Does anyone know what the part number of a Gianelli exhaust that would fit this bike?

    Is it this one? Giannelli 31607X I found on the Giannelli website , says its for a " Next Exhaust - SYM/Kymco"
  16. hey - i can tell you from experience that the extra tube you are refering to is simply to restrict the power - its not for emmisions (there is a cat but thats furhter along). simply cut the extra pipe of and weld a plug in the hole - a sports exhaust is nice but doign this mod will make a good difference...mine has had this doen and the variator done and it pulls up to 70