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Just bought a new helmet, wore it once its hurting my head!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by yasirbad, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Bought a new Shoei xr100 and its kinda hurting my forehead/temple area after 30 or so mins of wearing it.

    Is this something that will pass after I wear it in or did I get a size too small?
  2. depends on how much pressure it's putting on your forehead really...i had abit of discomfort at first when i got my helmet....got over it after about a fortnight...if you can fit your head in there comfortably and the helmet sits somewhat comfortable with just abit of pressure on forehead/top of skull...then there's a good chance you just need to wear it in....really only you know your head tho...it's upto you to decide if it fits properly
  3. Might need to take out inner padding if its too tight,and might fit better after wearing in and will loosen up a little,shouldnt be extremly tight to start with either,nice looking helmet did you order online or local bike shop.
  4. It is common.. but it should disappear as the helmet moulds to your head - and it will mould. Depending on how often you wear it, it could take some time though.

    I've got an XR1100 but never had the problem - my head fitted in it perfectly from day one. Your head is going to be different to every one else though. Different helmets suit different people.

    That said, if the helmet feels very tight, or some what uncomfortable when you initially put it on, it may be too small. If you put the helmet on, grab the front of it and try turning your head side to side while the holding the helmet in place. Also move your head up and down. There should be some give. If your head is literally stuck the inside of the helmet and there is no movement at all, I would say the helmet is too small for you.

    When I buy a new helmet, I've always made sure that my head moves slightly inside it. They are meant to grab your head firmly, not tight!

    My $0.02 :)
  5. wear it around the house, [if you walk outside with it on people might think youre a dick] at least wearing it in the house you will speed up the 'bedding in' timeframe and no risk in getting headaches while on the bike!! Prevention is better then cure!
  6. Check THIS FAQ page from Shoei Japan website. I'd posted this exact same link a few months ago.

    Q: Although fit is good a s a whole, my temple aches when I wear long time. Is it possible to loosen temple portion only?

    A: When you fell pain partially including temple, its portion is pressed heavier than other portions or weight of helmet is loaded on the portion. Please try as below.
    1) Please put folded handkerchief or thin towel on your head and wear helmet.
    2) If pain of temple is cured, please purchase polyurethane foam of the same thickness as folded handkerchief or towel and stick it on inner side of interiors.
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  7. massage in the padding a bit.
  8. Plastic surgery Neanderthal man,,,:)
  9. I have a Shoei Xr1100 and it was UNBEARABLE for the good part of 9 months. I agree with all of the above, but if that fails you can try what i've done;

    Remove the liner and cheekpads and see how much room you've got then. There should be plenty of clearance (if not, then you might be in abit of trouble)

    Find out where exactly on the centreliner is causing you pain. I found that thinning out the padding in these locations was only a temporary fix, and putting extra padding there eg socks or undies actually hurt a whole lot more.

    Mark the painful areas on the centre liner and then have a look at what's unmarked. The areas which DON'T hurt. Try putting some extra padding there instead. In my case I bought some soft foamy bits and just experimented with different shapes underneath the centre liner. I found that as the helmet was being worn in, it would sink further down, forcing my head upwards towards the 'apex' of the lid. I now have extra padding directly on top of my head to stop this from happening.

    Good luck
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  10. Had the same issue with my HJC until I filed my horns down ....

    On a more serious note some manufactures offer 'interchangeable' pads for their helmets like the ones for a xl will fit in a xxl or large into medium etc....
  11. Try retro-phrenology.
  12. philmydang I'm pretty sure I have the same problem as you, its very painful and i've got some bruising on temples. I took out the liner and i realised there is infact a lot of clearance and the higher up my head is in the helmet the more painful it is.

    I've tried the socks method and although it helps, its temporary and does start to hurt but from the top. I might go down to clark rubber and see if I can get some thin layers of foam and experiment with that.

    Shame because its a very nice helmet and i love the graphics etc. I've considered selling it but even if I found a buyer I'd lose a bit of money as its only 2 days old :(
  13. They used to say you either had an Arai head or a Shoei head, as they were made to different basic moulds, and most people tried both before deciding. Now, many people want Shoeis so the problem arises more. Like every thread on helmets has ever said, buy the one that fits best.
  14. I also have a shoei and never had a problem so you may have bought the wrong size but post something up as there may be some one out there in the same boat with a size that might fit you and could swap or something?
  15. I tried shark, kbc and shoei's in store, they all fit pretty well. After 30 mins of motorway my head felt like it had a tight rubber band around it.

    Well I'd love to sell it as I don't see myself wearing it much, but I don't know if someone would be willing to buy it. I've only worn it once :(
  16. I have a solution maybe pm me
  17. Have you actually measured your head? I was trying on helmets on the weekend and found the one that the guy in the store told me was the right fit was giving me a headache pretty quickly. I measured my head when I got home and the size he was trying to sell me was totally wrong going by the measurements.