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Just bought a Comet 250! :)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by warney, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. As the title states :)

    Do I need to get any extras? Eg Disc Lock (If so what brand), Tank Guard (Again brand?)


  2. Disclocks are handy, get one to match the holse in your disc break, and don't forget its on. Tank Protector, any should do. Pick one you like.
  3. Congrats!
    I would recommend a disc lock at least for peace of mind. I got a Magnum disc lock which while big and bulky - the alarm on it sounds a bit weak. I don't really know if others are like that (those with alarms) but for a lock its great.
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  6. Congratulations mate! First bike or?

    Ride safe mate. And if you do get a disc lock make sure you get a bright coloured one so you don't forget to remove it before taking it off. It's best to get in a habit of always checking for a disc lock even on days you don't use it. I hear too many stories of people trying to ride away with their disc lock still on. Very costly and embarrassing mistake to make. :)
  7. As far as I'm concerned, those reminder cords are mandatory for disc locks.

    You can be all right for awhile without one, but you only need to forget it once (that you have the lock on) before you try to ride off and have the bike go down.
  8. Thanks guys :)

    It is my first Bike, I don't have my L's yet tho ;)

    Going for the test in the Middle of April!

    I will see what kind of disc lock, and are the eBay tank pad's good?

    They are like $6 or thereabouts
  9. :worthlesspics:
    or it didnt happen
  10. I pick it up midweek :)

    Sorry just signed the paperwork! :p
  11. Just got it, pics soon :)
  12. What year is it?
  13. 2009 - brand spankin new

    and taken advice from the forum

    out to buy sidi boots b2 today ;)

    l's test / knowledge test is on monday/tuesday!
  14. Good choice! :p :wink:

    Best boot on the planet. Good luck with the bike and be sure to come out on lots of rides!
  15. Get into the habit of always wearing the boots when riding.

  16. Put a bit of rubber in between the tacho and the bolt on the top left side holding the fly screen (as you view from your seat). Otherwise, the vibration noise from 5,000 rpm can get a bit annoying. That's the only fault I've found in mine so far (*awaits Dougz's comments* :LOL:)..... and everything seems ok after its first service at PS.
  17. thanks for the tip

    i will have a look at it :)

    i am heading off to st ives training course tomorrow!

    say hi if you are there tomorrow doin ur l's too!