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Just bought a '99 VTR250...

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by EvolElm0, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Having searched around, figured I should give the bike a service straight away cause I don't know what the other guy put in it. Just double checking my shopping list and todo list.

    To do:
    Lube chain
    Check sprocket
    Oil change
    Spark plug change
    Wash bike

    Chain lube
    Oil (reading the oil thread, still got no idea what to get lol)
    Oil filter
    Spark plugs
    Car wash

    Missing anything?
  2. I'd be more inclined to care if you'd bought my 07 :p

    Check chain slack, tyre pressures, tyre wear. Check brake wear (get head on ground look up at calipers.

    Check clutch free play.
  3. you could probably check your coolant levels
  4. I'll probably replace the coolant as well.

    Should I need brake pads etc. does your usual car parts places sell them?

    Autobarn, supercheap etc. or would I need to get it from online and/or bike dealerships?
  5. how many km on the bike? some things it doesnt really matter how old it is, more how many km it's travelled. dont see how spark plugs for example are gonna wear out due to age not use, or a sprocket, etc.

    things you can check/replace easily: all fluids (oil, brake, coolant), brake pads, tyre pressure and quality (tread depth, cracking, scalloping/wear), battery, sprockets front and rear, chain (slack, tight spots, rusting, remaining adjustment), oil filter, air filter, spark plugs. dont you have any service history of the bike?

    wasting your time at a car wash with the VTR i reckon. buy a can of Motul 'Wash n Wax', it's great for everything short of the seat and tyres! wont get off the tough shit cooked to the engine block, brake cleaner is good for that, be careful not to get it elsewhere though.

    dont forget to take off the seat, and have a clean/dust of the internals a bit. look round and get to know your bike :) might be a factory tool kit in the excuse they have for a boot. also, remove the front sprocket cover and clean out in there a bit, tends to get gunky and neglected quite easily :p

    last but not least, ENJOY :grin: