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Just bought a 1999 Suzuki SV650S

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by johna, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. I have just bought a 1999 SV650S after around 5 years of not riding anything except the occasional ride on the scooter I share with my girlfriend, and having previously not riden or owned anything larger than 250cc.

    I was lured by the V-twin sound and the price tag of this particular bike, which I paid $3900 for. For that money it is obviously not perfect, it has a dent in the tank, some scraped bodywork, 3 months rego, and 60,000km. I don't care too much about the cosmetics and mechanically it seems good enough, aside from being a bit rattly (Valve reshim? Timing chain? Maybe just the fairing?) and the suspension seems very soft.

    The bike is red and unmodified aside from a gear rack and even with the stock exhaust it sounds great, particularly on the over-run, and I love the whine it makes as you pull away in first (somebody will probably tell me that means there's something wrong).

    After 5 years of not having ridden a manual motorbike, my first few km made me look like I was riding for the first time, but I did the 20km ride home and the 90km journey to work and back the next day (yesterday) and again today. My clutch control is still pretty average at times and I have yet to re-learn how to corner with confidence, which is particularly embarrassing when I have to turn right around a roundabout. I am defintely in need of plenty of practise in a carpark somewhere.

    The great thing is that instead of being a frustrated car driver sitting in traffic always looking for the quickest lane and so on, I now enjoy just moving along with the flow of traffic and taking advantage of gaps that allow me to get past a line of stopped cars. I'm still not sure what the least-illegal option is when I have the choice between lane-splitting, using the break down lane, or the Bus Only lane - my guess it is lane splitting although that also seems the most dangerous.

    Anyway, I'm wondering what sort of mileage other SV650 owners are getting from a tank of fuel as the prevous owner says the low fuel warning isn't working on mine. The light itself is working so I guess this is likely to be the sender or wiring so there's a project for this weekend.

    Also, sounds like a dumb question I'm sure, but do the mirrors adjust? I can only seem to move them vertically just a small amount with a lot of force.

    I will probably give it a once over this weekend and, as the front suspension seems so soft, I might try some new fork oil (should I stick with the factory specs here?)

    I would also like to get a centre stand sometime to free up a bit more parking space in my already cramped garage, make chain lubing easier and just in case of a puncture when out and about. What are the best sources to buy one or does anyone know of a second hand kit?

    A couple of other things I would like to do is add a gear indicator (don't laugh) and I would also like a gauge to tell me what the coolant or oil temperature is. Again, any suggestions on these?
  2. pics or it didn't happen ;)
  3. Congrats on the purchase, you should head over to SVDownunder.com and do a search there, they'll have all your answers and more.

    Wait until you put an aftermarket can (and rejet to suit) on it, and you'll love it even more.

    Go with the heavier fork oil, 10 or 15W, mirrors can adjust all directions, so they may have frozen up.
  4. Mirrors? You'll find that at the bottom of the stalks there should be a chrome long nut, which is hex sided to fit a spanner. Turn it anti-clockwise while holding the mirror in place, and the mirror will come loose. Push the mirror back (or bring it forward) to the place you want it (ideally directly over the handgrips), and while holding the mirror in that position, tighten up (clockwise) the chrome nut.

    easy, eh?
  5. Best pictures I have at the moment...


  6. Delete what I said about the mirrors :LOL:

    and I'd be watching that cat too, he looks like he's about to sharpen his claws on the back tyre!!