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Just booked in for SKILLS TEST - PLEASE HELP!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Omarko, Oct 1, 2008.

  1. hi guys

    I have a bit of a dilemma and need som advice , help ...

    I made a thread here already in the General discussion section with a title "Getting on a bike after 8 years ... tips ?" and I am very greatfull for all the posts from the guys there.


    there is an update .... I have jsut booked in for a "SKILLS TEST" on the 9th October at NSW Rouse Hill centre at 2pm.

    I asked the RTA guys what does the test comprises of ... but they did not know much :( I rang the Training / Test centre and they said that its easy, dont worry. Haha ...

    so the problem is ... I need some practice before the test and someone to tell me what will the test comprise of.

    Can someone advise who can I talk to in Sydney that I can get some practice lessons and tips to make sure I pass the test? I have ridden a bike before but its been AGES! so really need some help here ...

    or even if someone wants to volunteer to help ... I live in Lane Cove ... happy to pay good dollars for a basic 1 hour lesson.

    PS: rang Stay upright (who is actually same company that rents the bikes for the test) and they are of course booked out cause its such a short notice.

    Thanks guys !

  2. i did the MOST the other day. i'm happy to let you know what we did.

    i live in lane cove. if you want to meet in front of coles at 7.30pm tonight, then we can have a run through down at blackman park. i'll wait until 7.45.

  3. the pre-learner course is a piece of cake.

    if youve seen a bike operate before then youll be fine.

    i'd only ridden once before i went and had no problems passing.

    the only way to fail that i could tell was if you dropped the bike, or failed to listen to the instructor (like continue to ride when he said to stop, or not wear a helmet.. etc)

    the pre-p's course has a bit more involved- following a set out list of riding tasks and showing your skills.

    anyone who's ridden regularly on their l's would be fine as it's just bike control ability and safe practice that they are looking for.
  4. hey buddy ! that would be awesome ... I would really appreciate that!!!!

    would u have time maybe this weekend ? I only got home not long ago and still need to do bit more work for tomorrow :(

    the test is not till NEXT thursday :)

    let me know .. happy to of course pay you some $$s for your trouble :)

    I'll send u a PM with my details :)
  5. bummer .... I can't send PMs until I make more than 7 posts !!!

  6. the only way to fail that i could tell was if you dropped the bike, or failed to listen to the instructor (like continue to ride when he said to stop, or not wear a helmet.. etc)

    one guy in my group failed because he couldn't do u-turns or the cone weave without putting his foot down.
  7. well I have been riding for years ages ago ... but still .. brushing up on few basic skills on a bike before the test would be good ...

    even doing few simple exercises like the ones u described would be extremely helpful :)
  8. I'm a little confused, you say you have been riding for years? but does that mean you are unlicenced? If you are going for your pre-learners to get your L's - it is dead easy. The Motor Operation Skills Test, to get your P's (or full licence for over 30s) is a lot trickier and I'm nervous about going for mine on the 20th Oct, but apparently you do a lot of training during the day - 8am to 4pm day.
  9. greenfolder was kind enough last night to meet up with me and take me through the test ... was very helpfull!!! thank you :)

    re: my license ... because I hold a license for a large cc motorbike from overseas, to get a FULL UNRESTRICTED license in Australia, all I have to do is pass the driver knowledge test (tomorrow) and then a Skills test (next Thursday)

    The Skills test is only for 1 hour and I will have no opportunity for practice , just the test. I will try to get there early and see if they let me do a bit of practice ... we'll see ...

    From what I understand there are 4 tests, they are all pretty basic and if you are doing the course, you will get lot of time and opportunity to practise it when out there.
  10. when i did mine i rocked up early and joined in on the practice. cant hurt to try.
  11. depending on your bike a bit of practice may be needed. a GN, CB etc you can just walk up but a bigger bike may need a run or two to be sure.
  12. I had the most experience, so they put me on a virago when i went for it.

    But seriously, its easy and the instructors are generally quick to pick up if you have any hesitance and give you a quick lesson in what you are doing wrong.

    The worst thing for me was how hot it was, and i kept leaning on the virago's hot muffler lol.
  13. if you can hire a cb from them its cheap insurance to pass
  14. thanks guys ... yeah I downloaded the MOST test in PDF and printed it.

    I should be able to hopefully get more practice this Sunday and I will try to measure exact distances and re-create the testing field.

    Problem is ... as I mentioned before, there will NOT be much practice opportunity as I have been told to come only for the test at 3:30pm and because they are fully booked out, I can not come earlier and practice or spend time with instructors.

    I will be renting one of their CBs so in that sense it should be ok as they are easy to ride.
  15. the CB is a pass unless you have no legs or arms or head..
  16. hahaha .. well .. I do have those :)
  17. Ah okie dokie. Good luck with the test. I'm worried about mine, because sometimes I get brain freeze in test situations. :oops:
    We have gone to an unused car park with half tennis balls for a bit of practice and it did make me feel more confident about it. Again, all the best!
  18. hi all!!!

    just came back from the Skills test and I passed!!!! without loosing any points !!!

    yay !!!! went and bought the bike and put down the deposit right after ... hahaha

    can't wait to get on the road !

    test was nerve wrecking especially cause I was the VERY LAST ONE! but all went smoothly and the instructor was a top bloke ... I did not loose any points at all ...