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Just booked in for my full license test

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by minglis, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. So, I just booked in to do my full license test this Sunday. (HART - Somerton). My 3 months is up on Saturday. I know there is no need to rush into doing the test, but, I figured that waiting another few weeks-months wouldn't really add much value. I've done >4000km so far on my L's, and I know a lot of people who have their L's much longer and do a lot less k's than that. Not that I'm judging my test on their standards etc...

    One of the reasons I want to do my full test is that I find that other vehicles around me treat me different when they see the L plate. Sometimes it's a good thing, I've had some cars give me more space etc and not try and push me along etc. It's nice when it happens that way, especially at first when I was very new to riding. Other times, I've had people see the L on the back and think, "Oh Crap... L plater, get past them as quick as possible". Those kinds of people often decide that sharing my lane while going around me is the best way to handle that.

    Anyway, I think I'm 100 times better rider now than when I got my L's, but that I need to be 100 times better than I am now to consider myself an experienced rider. It's another one of those times when I find that the more I learn, the more I realise I need to learn.

  2. The license test is a piece of cake, I did mine at HART a couple of weeks ago.

    With the practice you've been getting on Saturdays, commuting and group rides you will be fine Minglis. I had done around the same amount of riding when I did my test. The only thing to remember is not to try and predict the swerve / stop test until the last one, you will definitely get 2 swerves and 2 stops (if your speed is always correct) so once you get to the 4th pass you should know exactly what it will be. The order of them depends on your score for the 2 corners you do to start with, and you wont know that until after you've completed the test. ;)

    I was actually scared at the lack of riding skill that most people in the course seemed to have, a couple of people even dropped their bikes when doing the slow riding component of the course (which is not in the test).

    To be honest I haven't noticed anyone treating me differently on the roads as yet, I'm sure it will happen though. That said, I am very conscious of the fact that I don't have that big yellow sign on my back saying "WARNING, NOOB ALERT!".
  3. Good luck. (y)
  4. good luck. believe you can pass easily and you will. confidence is the biggest test with these things...
  5. Good luck, Mat! I've got mine booked for mid-April (almost 3 months to the day after I got my L's). To me, the L plate feels a bit like a security blanket at the moment - I feel that some drivers offer a little more space too...
  6. yeah, my 3 months is up on Saturday, doing the test on Sunday.
  7. Good Luck!! I found the license test in Vicroria easier than the learners permint test.
  8. Must be nice going for fulls after 3 months :p.
    6 more weeks to the day before i can get my full licence.
    No test to be done here though just pay some cash.
  9. Mr Messy - if your car license is almost due, renew your whole license (rather than pay the $22 "replacement license" fee) when you qualify for your full R license. When I qualified for my full R license I had 6 months remaining on my car license. Luckily, my neighbour's daughter served me at the RTA and suggested this and I ended up with a 5 year license valid for 5.5 years. She said, why spend $22 now and then another $154 in 6 months time?
  10. Thanks Blaise, thats a good idea, its a 5yr and runs out in november, will hit em up.
  11. Good luck to the "L" ers, who are going for their full licences. I'm just starting to think about doing mine???? after 9 mths of wearing the yellow sign "beware". I've done 5,000km and it's only been the last couple of mths that my confidence has lifted, mainly i think because of consistent riding. Good points about how drivers treat you with the L display, I think they give you more room for sure, thinking a bike rider is nuts so one with an "L" must be a total LOONEY, sandwich short of a picnic. I feel a little more security with the L so have thought about "hell" getting out there without it???? just another confidence hurdle I guess.
    cheers H
  12. all the best =D

    darn green p's..
  13. Good luck Minglis. 4000km under your belt should hold you in good stead. And yes, getting rid of the L plates will (hopefully) earn your more respect on the road.
  14. Thanks Guys. Can't wait to get this done... Bring on Sunday.

    Anyone know if you do the test on your own bike, or on theirs?
  15. Pretty sure you use theirs...
  16. At HART you have to use theirs, something about their insurance or some such nonsense.

    It'll make you appreciate your own bike oh so much more.;)
  17. #18 minglis, Mar 6, 2011
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    License acquired!!! I REALLY didn't like their bikes. So good to get back on mine.
  18. Nice one minglis! Just to clarify though, are you still restricted to LAMS bikes for a period?
    I had similar experiences to you and Heather with the L plate on the back - my theory was that they all thought I was some poor 17yo kid who could be "pushed around" on the road...
  19. Congrats Minglis, told you it was easy.