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Just booked for my L's

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by p_stampy, Aug 31, 2005.

  1. Heyas

    I booked for my L's today, have to wait until the 8/9 October, and I am definitly excited about it!!

    The only thing I'm worried about is beign short and being able to touch the ground easily.

    As I dont not have a bike yet, what bike (sports?) donest sit too high, and does cost too much? (under $3.5k).

    Ive had a look and most bikes in canberra from shops seem to start at about $6k, and Ive been told to buy privately, or go to syd/melb if im going to buy it from a shop..

  2. Hi p_stampy, welcome to the forums. :) As to the bikes, try sitting on them (and get somebody to hold the bike). Feel which one is the most comfortable :D and see if you can take it out for test rides.
  3. hey stampy.... how you doing, wonder if i would ever see you across here, considering you were the one that put me onto this site.

    Btw i would buy privately and you will probably find that you will pick a good bike for around the 3-4k mark. Don't forget the gear though

    cheers stewy
  4. haha hello there :)

    Yeh, the problem with me buying privatly is, well, ive never bought anything privately before, let alone something liek a bike, which i know nothing about.

    Im not sure, I guess its best to wait until after I do the course to make sure I can acutally ride!!
  5. yeah, the instructors, gave me a couple of tips to buying a bike, but i just took someone along with me, if not you can always get a mechincal/pre-purchase check done (through a bike shop) which will highlight any issues with the bike. But maybe someone in from here might also be able to help you out aswell.

    But by buying privately you will save alot more then buying through a dealer
  6. Well I told my mum Im going for my L's.. I think it upset her. She rated it above falling pregnant and sky diving, but she'd prefer that I work on an Oil rig. I think i might have won her over with it being cheaper (parking especially), as shes always been money concious.

    Ive thought about selling my *cage*, but Ive had her since new and feel guilty when I think about selling her, and then go out and look at her, and think about all the great times we've had together.. if ya know what i mean... lol
  7. Canberra?? DON'T sell the car, you'll love it even more when it comes to walking out on a -5 degree morning and tossing up how you are going to get to work!!! (trust me, been there, done that!!)
  8. Stampy, can I recommend that you talk to Rick Miller at RAM Motorcycle Engineering in Holder. He's my mechanic and has been for many years. He's a long-time member of the Road racing club and is a super nice guy to boot.

    He could possibly be able to point you in the right direction as far as 2nd hand bikes and is also the guy you should get to service your bike once you've bought.


    Bart Simpson's elephant??

  9. thanks for thar rc36.

    aparently i stamp around the house :)

    hornet, yeh, i hate the cold as it is anyway!!
  10. OK, a mate of my son's in Canberra's nickname is "stamps"
    Just thought it might have been you.
  11. no no.. lol

    p_stampy = princess_stampy

    its just an online thing, no one actually calls me that in real!!
  12. Heehehehe, it's so hard to tell on the interent, isn't it?
  13. Well I went and sat on a heap of bikes today in shops (zzr/across/gpx) and was happy to find that my legs are acutally long enough to put my feet on the ground, and almost flat. :D

    More importantly Ive found a helmet that fits good (HJC) and an RJays jacket.

    4 weeks to the course.. getting more excited :D :D
  14. Good luck you will do fine

    Cheers 8)
  15. Thanks :)
    The last 3 nights Ive only had dreams about bikes.. getting quite annoying to wake up and realise it was only a dream :(
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  17. looks good to me, bascially what i want
  18. Uuuh those 5 weeks or so went quickly. Im really nervous/stressed, I dont know why though. I only had about 4 hrs sleep last night, I hope I have a better sleep tonight.
  19. Give it heaps, mate, you'll be fine.