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Just before you go to bed a thought

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. well leaving for work , pulled out the dry rider jacket , pulled it on , shook it to get the collar right and a BIG HAIRY SPIDER came out of it while I was wearing it .......................rode to work feeling like things were crawling all over me [ shudder}

    anyway good night
    Pleasant dreams :LOL: :LOL:

  2. What a nasty man you are Glen, scaring poor innocent spiders like that :LOL:
  3. scaring him , i nearly pissed myself :roll: :D
  4. ha! reminds me of the roach I had riding around in my helmet, nearly shit myself when I saw that in there!

    Just thankful it didn't start crawling around while I was on the highway...
  5. :-k Sounds lke payback to me from some-one you gave a stinkbomb to :LOL:
  6. One day I ended up with a fly in my helmet, I stopped and let it out as it was crawling all over my face. For the rest of the journey I could still feel it crawling over my face. Now I can't ride with helmet vents open for fear of it happening again.
  7. You have my sympathy!!

    I found a centipede in my bike boot at a bike rally once.

    I'd left the boots outside the tent because they were really muddy on the bottom and the bastard thing must have gotten in there overnight (they were lying on their sides so that if it rained again they wouldn't fill with water).

    I picked them up from the end of the tent and sat down and they sort of were angled towards me and this scorpion slides out into my lap... and because it was summer I was just sleaping in jocks and singlet.

    Still gives me the shudders years later... tiny tent, angry scorpion and me... the mates reckoned they'd never seen a hung over person get out of a tent that quick in their lives.
  8. A few weeks ago whilst riding through a roudabout a massive huntsman hairy spider climbed out of my fairings somewhere and started crawling up the windsreen toward me! That was a little harrowing
  9. Never had a problem with spiders, touch wood.

    Although theres one living in my Rx7 at the moment behind the glovebox, which is a real P.I.T.A. as thats where I'm wiring my microtech and all the relays etc etc.
    Sonofabitch has ran up my arms a few times now, and I dont know where he sleeps!
  10. Spiders - shudder! I cannot deal with them, snakes, mice - fine. Spiders I generally have to run screaming from the room - the other night there was a monstrous one on the living room wall the size of a bread and butter plate - I had to call the neighbour! Husband at work! and then had to remove myself outside, the sounds of a lot of frenzied crashing and banging then issued forth - I suspect it was fighting back! That wasn't so bad and is a bit off topic, but not so very long ago - I was walking downstairs and one came running in from underneath the garage door and made a frenzied dash for the cupboard where ALL the riding gear lives! I couldn't let it get in there!! I somehow summoned the courage to capture it alive and took it across the road - I hope they don't home! Despite thwarting its efforts I still check all my gear before I put it on - you can never be too safe! We also added a sealing strip to the door!! God knows what I would do if one was living in the bike and came crawling out when I was riding!!
  11. You'd offer it a coffee, of course, like any self-respecting Ducati owner would!

    Seriously, aren't we a phobic lot, this theme comes up often and always draws the same EEEERRRRKKKKK response.

    If you like old Ducatis, you're sure to like this one ...

    http://home.exetel.com.au/hornethome/Picture 038.jpg
  12. EEEEKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. That's the one, it was on my living room wall!!! My neighbour told me it was dead!! Seriously though v. lovely square case - want it badly....