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Just be careful please.....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by typhoon, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. *This is in no way connected or a judgement of any other posts on Netrider recently. I'm not saying every accident can be avoided*

    Please use a bit of extra caution on the bikes coming into summer. Just assume the worst of the road, other road users etc. Assume everyone is out to damage you. Assume the wildlife is trying. Assume other motorcycle riders are too.
    If you haven't been riding much during winter, work back up to your peak slowly, don't just jump in. If you have been thinking of doing a course, find the money and do it. The fact you are thinking about it means you know you are deficient or lack confidence in some aspect of riding you do frequently. At the very least you will know your bike a whole lot better.
    If any part of your bike is dodgey, fix it. Do what it takes. Just be as safe as you can whilst still having fun.
    Remember it takes a whole chain of events to lead up to a major accident (low tyre pressure, bad road surface, dirty visor, riding outside skills or whatever), so break the chain and you greatly reduce the chances of a bad incident.

    I dunno if I could take hearing of another serious accident any time soon. :cry:

    Regards, Andrew.
  2. +1. 'safe travels' to everyone this summer :)
  3. Please do take care out there everyone. The recent string of falls has me somewhat rattled (sharing a house with a constant reminder rubs it in) and I'd hate to have more bad news. Fault is not important but you are, and regardless of fault it's always the rider who gets hurt.

    Gear up, ride safe, protect yourselves and carefully check the mojo. :)
  4. I finally took the BM out today on all the dirt roads between Werribee and Little river. Was nice just to go for a quiet slow cruise on some crap roads with no other cars or bikes for miles around (and not know where I was). Today was the most enjoyable ride I've had in a while, no expectation, no pressure or need to ride hard and a whole lot of fun! Brought back to earth when a car turned out in front of me about 100m from home. No great dramas as I saw her, she had no idea I was there though! Keep alert and in control whether on the bike or in the car.
  5. Typhoon, Carri27 and Seany +1. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable Ride.
  6. It's not a good time of year people. There always seems to be alot of crashes as the good weather approaches so be careful everyone and never trust the other road users ;)
  7. And also just remember that the Christmas period is about to start and that means cagers will just go even if you are in the way. The impatient gitz :blah: :blah: :blah:
  8. -and they'll have had a few beers with lunch.

    -and screaming kids in the back.

    -and the parcel shelf will have presents on it so they can't see behind them.

    -and if there's anything that makes you want to kill someone, it's driving at Christmas.
  9. Ah Yes, Christmas the period beloved by small children and businessmen. Don't forget the parties, drunken businessmen are even less likely to see you or to care.... Exercise some patience coupled with some assertive riding and just remember every car is a danger.
  10. I had a great weekend in the Vic Alps. but reading the posts on my return takes the icing off the cake. It seems some are paying for my good time. This saddens me.
    Take *extra* care out there..*please*.