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just bcuz mtr-bikes arent as wide as cars

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dje, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. ...doesnt mean you can overtake us in our lane!

    So many things about the way people drive around motorbikes shit me...

    But up the top of the list is people who overtake me in my lane. Especially when im waiting at an intersection to turn right. Everytime I get the feeling they will run over my foot (so I tuck it in as much as possible), or worse... clip my bike and tip me into on coming traffic.


    Anyone ever had any close calls in this situation... or worse?
  2. you have to own the lane

    position yourself to make your space yours only
  3. yeah... i do that... but they still shave past closer than gillette...
  4. Yeah, as N*A*M said, you really have to own the lane. Same thing applies when you lane split up to the lights. Its a good idea to pull right in front of one of the cars rather than sitting in between. I had a woman in a Landcruiser nudge my leg with her bullbar before I learned that lesson. No injury and after I politely explained to her that I don't normally get so intimate with people until we've been introduced she went home with a story to tell over the dinner table. We aim to please :wink:
  5. after they split you , split them at the lights and smash the mirror off .

    oops two people dont fit in one lane :shock:
  6. Try angling the bike when you stop to widen the space you take up. :wink:

    Short of that, it's your lane and you have every right to kick their fcuking door. :twisted:
  7. I make myself VERY wide when I'm on the bike....I've even been known to stick an arm part way out as a warning to cars that this is my lane...you find your own. When I'm riding with another bike, I always make sure we own the complete lane....them on one side and me on the other.

    I've actually chased down a person who came *extremely* close to me one day when I had my brother on the back. They were very apologetic.

    I like to think of myself as a very assertive defensive rider. :cool:

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  8. Just be careful how you do this, its easy to fall off in the process. Especially if you're moving.
  9. I was riding home last night and got to a spot where it's two lanes leading up to an T intersection and the left lane HAS to turn left and the right lane HAS to turn right. The left lane always fills up and the right lane is always clear.
    There's always one person who thinks that they can roll up the right lane and jump into the left lane at the last minute. Well, this dozy b*tch in a 4WD decide that because I'm on a bike that she can fit in to my spot. But NOOOO, I casually roll across to the RHS of the lane, position my front tyre next to hers and roll along at exactly the same speed as her... dumb b*tch keep trying it on for another 50m before she gave up and went to harass some one else...

    Small win for rider everywhere.

    Best bit was the guy in a cage behind me saw what she was trying on and started shaking his head. then he saw what I was doing and started laughing quietly to himself...
  10. Yeah that's weird, nobody ever seems to do this weird stuff to me. I don't get road-raged at, I don't get deliberately blocked during a split, I don't get tailgated or overtaken too close at the lights.

    I'd like to credit my body odour, which I'll shortly begin bottling and marketing as motorcycle safety gear.
  11. Its your pretty smile loz, and the way you bat your eyelids.

    With the problems Ive had in the last few days Im thinking about attaching nails to boots dispite the implications on my own saftey :(
  12. Mmmmmaybeeee... Or the cute way I hawk loogies over bonnets and onto nature strips without windscreen contact...
  13. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    He He... Eau de Loz...
  14. Nah, it's you're gloves.. thet STILL minge like crazy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    But on topic, I hate to say it, but if I can argue that I can split them safely, then it's hypocritical to say they can't split me, at least sometimes.
    Of course, they may not have the SKILL, but that's another story...
  15. This shits me like crazy, i was in this situation a few weeks ago where some guy wanted to get in front of me because i was going 10kph slower than the other cars (Left lane & Red light 50m ahead :roll: ) so he decides to pass in the same lane AND then he has the nerve to beep me when i move in front of him and not let him past.
  16. I had that happen to me one of the first times I rode on the bitumen. The fkwit then proceeded to ensure he pulled off every other dangerous maneuvre in the book. Thankfully I stayed the fk away from him after he overtook me in my own lane. He almost hit a few cars by not indicating etc.
  17. I totaly disagree. While splitting is essentially a safe practice, there is potential for a collision, thus potential for a rider to be injured. As it is only the rider at risk and not the driver, it's a judgement call only the rider should be making. :)

    Be fcuked if I'm going to let some arsehole in a cage decide when it's safe for me to share my lane without an invitation. :twisted:
  18. Intuition @ its best bro..

    They just know not to f*ck wif us :LOL:
  19. We must go for a ride one time & I'll show U what to do
    to these wanker drivers :twisted:

    U stay back & watch what happens in front of U :grin:
  20. It is probably this attitude that makes people think "fcuk it, they split me all the time, if they can do it why cant i"

    It does kinda seem like some riders wants to have ALL the rules thier way - i mean everyone wants to squeeze past and be car length in front, everyone, if your stationary then its not a huge big deal is it? While moving of course, its crazy.