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Just Bagged A Bargain.... Zx12r... W00t! :)

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Rogues, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. 2006 model of Black awesomeness...........

    180+ BHP, PC111 and dynoed thankee verry much........

    Updated Racetek suspension by our aussie guru Terry Hayes at Shock Treatment

    carbon case covers


    Braided lines

    Oxford Heated Grips

    Speedo Healer & Tank Bag/ Ventura rack

    went for a quick blat yesterday arvo......... Farrrk! the horizon raced towards you extra fast :p

    IMG_1235.JPG IMG_1234.JPG
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  2. Sweeeeeeet :D

    What happens to the GSX1400?
  3. YIKES, what a beast!!

    Watch out Oxley....
  4. well.....:whistle:......... the 14's havin' a lil rest.

    mind you, the rubber is shredded at the mo so probably better it is:unsure:
  5. fark you freak

    whats a speedo healer?

    is that the RAM air vent underneath the headlights?
  6. If it needs a bit of exercise, let me know :D
    Add-on to make the speedometer more accurate.
  7. awesome beast.....ride easy mate......would love to see a pic of that under a street lamp.
  8. So jealous.
    One day...one day. Probably not but a man can dream lol.
    Grats, looks like you got yourself a good'un.
  9. That is a seriously mean looking ride :shock:
  10. thanks guys, 'tis a bit of a beastie, heh,heh.......took it for a run out across the Flats and up my favourite hill this mornin.......:sneaky: .. farrking Starship Enterprise,... w00t!!
  11. Awesome looking machine. Congrats

    180+? Jeebus!
  12. There was one like that at BikeBiz in Parramatta few weeks ago. Nice, but the zx14 is 2 better than this ;)
  13. Blasphemy! You should go wash your mouth out with soap:wtf:
  14. Can I use alcohol instead? :p
  15. tend to agree Mikie........... the new model14 is a wild bit of gear, but at over double the price I'm quite happy with the 'Enterprise' as opposed to the 'Galactica' :LOL:
  16. The 12 is better looking than the 14. K has made the 14 try out ugly the Busa for some reason.