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Just as well your Grandma hates motorcycling

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Because otherwise you would be sporting this at Christmas time

    And when you are older you would be tuning the horsey set in this cool jacket

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  2. I thought the jumper looked good on you Mick.
  3. I had a 'horse head' jumper - when I was 10. Gotta love the high fashion of the 80's.

    You thinking of getting into some knitting in winter Mick?
  4. maybe just a little snug around the love handles

  5. Let's put it this way. If there was a market for crap like this I would have my garden shed turned into a sweatshop overnight
  6. Your garden shed is a sweat shop. That's why it has a padlock and a big chain, remember?
  7. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh someone on here is bound to be a Fair Work Workplace Inspector!
  8. Meh, my Grandmother loves bikes. One of the reasons she ended up with my Grandfather.

    But she would never make that for me. More likely to send me a bottle of Port or Scotch.
  9. So there are twenty three unmarried Thai ladies in there, and lots of frilly knickers, and a donkey. So what? That doesn't prove anything. :angel:
    I'd put the leathergear and the ball gag away, but.
  10. correction
    twenty three 'soon to be married' Thai Ladies.
    I built a second shed and started a Dating Agency for the elde more discerning gent. All legit of course.

    oh and that leathergear....it is what i ride in thanks Inspector
  11. That's not what you said to me when you made me put it on. All those buckles, and it was cold, and smelled like horses.

    What second shed? You never showed me a second shed! :-k
    ...it's for 'discerning ...' Are you saying I'm easy?
  12. your credit card declined.
    get that sorted and we will talk
  13. LOL. This sounds spookily like something that happened only this afternoon....

    These ladies people are going to marry, do they have runny noses? Are they full?
  14. Are they hot?

    Are they female?
  15. Their ears are leaking,
  16. Rotflmfao.

    And who knew you could spit that many pingpong balls, that quickly, that far?
  17. spit AND catch
  18. Dunno why, but I was reminded of this:

  19. Really? I was thinking of this.
  20. Father Ted!!! I must watch some of that again. that show was a cracker!