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Just arrived - How to race?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Greggy, May 4, 2009.

  1. Yes, I'm just arrived in Sydney !
    I was wondering how can we make races near Sydney... Is there any small championship?

    Do I need a special licence as we need in France?
    Can I rent a bike to train before buying my bike?

    Thanks and see you on track guys (just beginner, done my first one a week ago !)

  2. Join one of the Sydney based clubs. Willoughby would be a good choice. Bon Chance, mon ami.
  3. You wanna race, you come to the BP in St Kilda (Vic), we'll teach ya the basics :LOL:
  4. Bloody hell...............
  5. You need to join a club to get your MA (Motorcycling Australia) licence. The best place to start is St George Motorcycling Club. They also run a Racing Series as you'll see on their website and they can direct you to how to get your licence.

    Track days are available (some with bike and leathers hire):

    Oran Park: http://www.circuitbreakers.com.au/
    Eastern Creek: http://www.easterncreekridedays.com.au/category_product.php
    Wakefield Park (Goulburn): http://www.aus-superbikes.com.au/

    Good luck.

  6. Hey Rog, is it worth stickying some of these race/track day info threads to save rewriting it all?

    Just a thought.
  7. +1

    there was also a thread locating the tracks on google map
  8. fcuk that, race on the streets.
  9. Thanks MVrog... I tried to search via @ without any success..
    Have you got any site for me? Thanks !
  10. Great thanks !!!

    I go direct to check links !!!
  11. Thanks Dean. Good work