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Just Around The Corner

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Zim, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Shit driving, probably blame the road.
  2. texting? arguing? daydreaming?

    just goes to show you can't protect stupid people from themselves...
    rather than mollycoddling them and repeatedly saying the road was dangerous.. they should heap shit on the driver.. maybe shaming them will get them to pay attention to what they should be doing? :p

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  3. According to there facebook posts there was something slippery on the road, like oil. Or maybe they put 2 wheels on the dirt, big dust cloud on the vid just before the bend and refed it back on and bingo. Just very happy they were nowhere near me when it happened. Not sure if it was in the 80k section or the 100k zone,but I bet I know what the next step would be re fixing this stuff. Lower the limit.
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    and the rest is famous :)

    a "diesel spill"... which caused the guy to straightline as though he hadn't seen the corner..
    then suddenly look up from whatever he was doing as wheels rumbled into the dirt, then hoiks right, as you do when you look up and see you are heading for a guard rail...

    don't they say something about 75k limit? "Driving to the speed limit, at 75km/hr"

    very lucky it didn't happen in front of you!!

    watched it again and again... must have been something slippery in the right hand lane :p
    TubeChop - (00:09)

    note that the white car behind does not slip or slide or roll on the slippery road... he waves back and forth a bit.. trying to pick a clean line :)

    I like this shot.. a "Reduce Speed" sign on left with picture of the black 4wd on it :D
    Google Maps
    (yeah, slightly bored ;) not bored enough to make a gif of the 4by straightlining. but almost)
  5. funny.. Google Streetview has tyre tracks on the LHS of the road, almost identical to the path of the rolled car and juust missing the barrier (but they say image taken September 2015)
  6. That armco starts a bit late in the bend to me.Suppose it cannot be everywhere.
  7. true, but it's such a gentle bend coming into it, I guess they assume drivers will at usually least attempt to navigate around the corner :)
    not like Xbox, where you just bash into the barriers to get around the corner :D

    looks kinda similar to this dude (and funny truckie :) )

    wonder if they'll check the drivers phone records when they charge him with neg driving?
  8. Oh mate people cant keep their shitty little buzz boxes in their own lane let a lone negotiate a slight curve
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  9. Dunno guys. Looks pretty dangerous to me. The road has a *gasp* bend in it. Surely that's dangerous and we should be asking the government to fix any road with this sort of dangerous hazard before more innocent people get hurt.
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  10. he was definitely travelling too fast for the kind of bend he thought he was taking.. speed was definitely a factor in the severity of the outcome

    he should have stayed home...
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  11. Heaps of fcuk ups like that happen every day of the week on country roads,(have seen a few and the aftermath),
    they are just not on camera or in the media.
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  12. I'm wondering whether he'll be charged with the neg driving - seeing he was on four wheels and not two.

    No sympathy whatsoever.
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  13. he was on 4 wheels.... then 2 wheels.. then no wheels :p
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  14. True. I have no sympathy for the 4wd whatsoever. My concern would purely be for some poor unfortunate two wheeler enjoying a pleasant ride travelling in the opposite direction coming across this prick - and many others like him - at the wrong moment.
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  15. Thank you to the friends following with the camera who just proved that the accident was the drivers fault. He ran off the edge into the gravel and then did a panic over-correction.
    I hope the police see this footage.
    Just glad that no-one was coming the other way at the time.
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