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Just another Sydney noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mistawalrus, May 20, 2016.

  1. G'day guys!

    Long term lurker (as in a couple years) here, and just recently acquired my learners license. I've already ticked a couple of boxes off the list of things that a biker does and doesn't want to (I low sided my bike :(), but am very keen to further my skills in all aspects of riding.

    Hope to see you out there! thnx for reading :>

  2. welcome aboard :)

    Sorry to hear about your off but glad you're ok :)
  3. Welcome :)
  4. Welcome.

    Go to Homebush.

    Go directly to Homebush.

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  5. Cheers! Wasn't too happy about it but experience is experience!


    I went to last weeks learner session, which helped quite a bit. Hopefully will turn into a personal weekly routine of getting my arse up there ahah.
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  6. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to things two wheeled!
  7. Welcome :cool:
  8. gday mistawalrusmistawalrus sorry to hear about your 'off' but we bikers are an optimistic bunch so let me say that a lowside is a million times better than a highside.

    get stuck into the learners lessons and ride ride ride and get your P's as soon as you can. best of luck!
  9. Do not pass GO and definitely don't buy any bloody Railway Stations
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  10. Another welcome from me!
  11. And another one...

  12. Welcome aboard weathers great in Sydney at the moment get out there and get in to it every klm is a step towards being a better rider and a step away from insanity
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  13. Hey mistawalrusmistawalrus , a bit of bad luck with the off, as the others have said welcome and go to Homebush. Mate as long as your ok, the bike can easily be fixed, just learn from the experience and move on..........;)
  14. Welcome mistawalrusmistawalrus ... Don't fee bad about stacking. It's experience alright! Glad you're ok and getting back on the horse...err... I mean bike!
  15. Haha. Thanks guys! I rode the Royal National Park on Saturday and that was great fun :>