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Just another rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jeimuzu, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. Hi y'all,

    Just wanted to quickly introduce myself, name's James but everyone calls me Frizz. I'm from Melbourne in the South Eastern suburbs. I finally decided to get my L's and buy myself a bike. What can I say, a whole new feeling :D

  2. Welcome James/Frizz, Netrider's a cool place to be (y)
  3. Welcome to Netrider Frizz.
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome y'all.

    I was actually came across your thread prior to posting here. I would definitely would love to come check it out, meet others and learn more about riding :)
  5. Welcome to Netrider, Frizz. What sorta bike are you leaning towards so far?
  6. welcome to NR james, see you tomorrow at prac session?
  7. I actually have bike :) Picked up a 07 RS125

    I won't be able to make it any time soon, I am curious to check it out or swing by. I have no rego on my bike atm, should have it in maybe 2wks from now?
  8. if you live close by pop round and say hi anyway