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Just another noobie with Just another bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by notorious_nick, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. hi guys.
    the title explains it all. i went and grabbed a CBR250RR 1990 model bike for $3450 and then got my L's a week later. i only needed to replace the mirrors and blinkers but they were $130 all up so it wasnt too bad. and apart from that the bike is in pretty damn good nick for something 17 yrs old.

    ive been riding for about 3 weeks and im keeping the corners slow. round abouts are a bit tricky at the moment. so is remembering to turn off my indicators. woopsies! but the bike is an absolute screamer ... ive just slowly started reaching the powerband (10k+ revs). not good though, im still a noobie and shouldnt be reaching the capabilities of a 45 pony-power bike in 50km/h zones. oops!

    if anyone has any tips about cbr250's or about dodging those evil cagers your help will be appreciated. so far i havent tried any lane skipping or any of that junk, ive just been taking it easy, riding it the same way i drive my car. i sit in the middle of the lane and keep my position behind or between cars at red lights. i always wear my full-face helmet, leathers, jeans and gloves, but i may need an alternative to jeans in the hot weather, they drive me crazy! and ... if anyone has any cool little tips to keep me alive just a little longer your help is appreciated.

    as i said, any help is good help
  2. Millions of cool tips here at Netrider, many from people who've followed exactly the same path as you have. Stick around and absorb the wisdom, Nick :).
  3. only thing i can say from a fellow noob is perhaps take a line in the lane with the most rubber. usually not the middle of the lane, slightly to each side you will get extra good grip. apart from that, take it easy like you've been doing, don't push yourself too much, but keep expanding your skill set. good luck!
  4. Welcome mate. One thing about those cibbies someone mentioned to me is that they are very low.
    Carefull going around roundabouts which have lots of shrubbery in them for decoration, if you lean the bike too far down, some people won't be able to see you on the other end of the round about.

    Oh and don't get sucked in trying to keep up. Where are you located? I just had a mate contact me about a track day on the 16th Dec. pm me about the details if you'd like to come give it abit of a squirt. $160 for the full day 8x20min sessions.
  5. Welcome & congrats.

    Just take things at your own pace is the best advice I can give. It will come to you, like the ad says "it doesn't happen overnight but it will happen".

    Take it easy & be safe.

    Also, please update your location so at least the correct info will come your way.

  6. +1 to Kim

    What your doing is just fine.
    Just remember to watch out for them (cagers) coz they dont watch out for you.
  7. Welcome,,

    I did pretty much exactly the same thing when I started out. :grin:

    I just love it when I reach the power band.. Mines at 8k tho since I fitted a narrower carbie so its abit more easier to ride in traffic but the power drops out at around 15-16k....