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Just Another Noob...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Emb22, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. Hello! I've been riding for a very short time - the Ls came off last September. I live in Preston, Melbourne (or Depreston if you prefer) and I ride a beaten up old ZZR250 called Moe. And it's beige (officially metallic champagne). Not cool, but I'm having fun and it only cost $500.

    So - despite those sad statistics, I'm a generally chipper old chook looking to learn a lot more about riding and bikes and hopefully join a few group rides. Any advice/direction etc on the good forums or any suitable rides would be awesome.

    I'm especially keen to improve my cornering. I'd greatly welcome any resources in that department if you know of any and feel so inclined to share.


  2. G'day mate, search the riding forums, lots and lots of good stuff there. Let the search function be your friend.
  3. K - cheers
  4. Welcome to the nuthouse Emb :D

    Check out the Vic events section ... Lots of info in there for you ..
    The Saturday Learners morning in Elwood is a great way to meet other riders as well :)
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  6. Much appreciated :) Ta!
  7. welcome and enjoy :) dont be shy, turn up sat morn and intro yourself, if you need someone to escort you in, just scream