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just another newbie from melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by boom29, May 26, 2010.

  1. hi everyone, i suppose I'm the kind of person the government doesn't want riding, because I'm 19 and moved up to a bigger sized sportsbike as soon as I was off restrictions.I showed a what I suppose some would call "maturity" by only stepping up to a 600, but I still love the little yzf and ride it nearly everyday. I live in melbourne, so I have a few decent roads close-by, but the weather seems to conspire with my commitments to make the rides much fewer in number than I would prefer. I'm not a balls out sportsrider, in that I dont get my knee down on the road, or particularly want to. But I do enjoy blasting along through the twisties, and get to the track when I can :) I've done a few trips along the great ocean road, and a couple over hotham, and one to adelaide :mad: (those who've ridden a fzr250 know its not built for the long straight roads my companions chose ;) )

  2. welcome in bud :)
  3. Welcome to Netrider, boom29. Nothing wrong with Yamaha's, mate ;)
    Let me know if you feel like a ride - I'll be moving back to Melbourne permanently on 1st June, after a long absence.
    Being so far away from my bike for too long, I'll be keen for rides.

    Enjoy the forums.
  4. thanks guys. I looooooooove my yammy. got nothing against other brands, just havent found a reason to leave the yammy's. And I personally think they have made some of the better looking jap bikes recently :D and I will def let you all know when im up for a ride... just gotta pass uni exams first :cool:
  5. Welcome to netrider, boom! Gotta love the japanese bikes!

    Have fun and stay safe! :)
  6. Welcome fellow Netrider. You WILL be assimilated!
  7. Welcome to Netrider!
    Enjoy :grin:
  8. ya fukn hoon!!!! you so shouldn't of got that BIG BIKE at such a YOUNG AGE!!! Your so gonna die cause you break the speed limit and all, HOLY SHIT, WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!


    just kidding, taking the piss, welcome dude, have a look in the vic forum for the weekly rides and coffee meets, and come along and give that bike a flogging...
  9. If you can pass Brownyy. It's because he lets you!
  10. Welcome to the best-balanced forum on the 'Net :LOL:.
  11. love u guys already :)
  12. we really really want friends (unless your Goz)!!!

  13. yaaawn, your jokes are getting old
  14. and yes browny, i'm well aware of the fact that people like me should be shot :D