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Just another learner...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by guggle, Dec 5, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Booked my learners (Jan 8), and now starting to look at what I'm going to ride. If I see you on the roads of Melbourne, I'll wave...

    Cheers, Michael.
  2. Welcome in Michael :)
  3. Welcome to the forum! Good luck with your L's. Hope you find a bike you like.
  4. Welcome, welcome, I will wave to you too !
  5. Welcome Michael, Just Nod ;) Good Luck with the Learners, Where are you doing it?
  6. not just another learner -- a new rider - welcome to the ranks
  7. Wave hardest at the ones that don't wave back. It angers them.
  8. Welcome to the world of 2 wheels Michael :D

    Good luck with ur L's !!!
  9. Welcome mate, hope the weather behaves for you on your learners course day!
  10. Come to Wednesday night rides in Carlton! That is all!

    Oops! I mean welcome :D
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm doing the 'L' day at Sandown.
  12. Hi guggle and welcome to NR
  13. Welcome Mick

  14. welcome guggle...

    your username is interesting. It's what my brother used to call me before he could pronounce "Michael"
  15. Good to see other new riders posting!

    What bike did you buy?