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Just another Italian marque "look at me" post !!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mickyb V9, Dec 17, 2006.

  1. It always pays to have your camera with you when you go for a ride.

    Is this an omen for what I wish for this christmas ??? :eek:
    Notice my Monster is parked well away from the Gallardo, you just can't trust those bike side stands in times like this ! :LOL:


    Scrambles with his "blue-steel" pose . . . tried to get a romantic tuscany feel with the photo, but he just wasn't doing it for the camera !! :LOL:
    . . . also, its gay doing so without ladies around !!! hahahaha !


    Ducati - Lamborghini . . . your can't get anymore woggy than that !! :p

  2. Apparently this is the only Gallardo cabrio in australia !
    Damn, talk about over indulgence !!!

  3. mama mia!
  4. sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    Cheers :cool:
  5. We were waiting for Dr Dre or 50Cent to step out ! . . .lol
    Instead it was an old bloke who looked like John Laws !

    Gregg (gegvasco) would have had a field day if he was there with us !

    The owner had a "sunday afternoon driving hat". . . like full on hat with a prancing bull logo on it !! . . . .hahhaahha, our repect for the owner went downhill from there !
  6. The funniest thing was that he had no parcel shelf to put his and his missus's hats on, so he just dumped then on the passanger seat!

    And that isn't blue steel...I was just confused when you told me to "Look like I had a story to tell...to look guarded, but mysterious...reckless, but restrained..."
  7. Shouldve quickly jumped into the drivers seat & get snaps taken so you could later show everyone your new car. :grin:
  8. Bellisimo..........no more to be said, other than
    "Dear Santa, plzzzzzzzzzzz can I have one too for Christmas, I'll be even gooder next year if I get one" :wink:
  9. And I old GRANDAD to have it back before lunchtime !!! Now I know where he got to :wink: . AHH as Homer would say MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM LLLAAAMMMBBBOOOO (insert drool here)
  10. Why oh why would you get one in mustard colour though???

    Such a beautiful car in such an ugly colour.

    (My opinion anyways).
  11. Spotto!!

    THat's at the halfway house yeh??? I think I might just lie in wait for week or two with my hitting-stick in case he comes back... :twisted:
  12. And you thought Ducatis were expensive to service :shock:
  13. Another irresponsible behaviour !

    Old Road, crazy Scrambles in front, right hand sweeper, choke applied to maximum, one hand on camera . . . . :eek:

    I seriously need a camera mount !

  14. Re: Just another Italian marque "look at me" post

    Scrambles badging a Lamborghini: You can take the boy out of Penrith...

  15. . . . but you can't take the Penrith out of the boy. :LOL:

    I better check my fuel tank badge . . . it maybe spelling UCATI ! :LOL: