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Just an observation ... Echuca July 2007

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by BIWOZ, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Just flew back to Perth today after 10 (bikeless!!) days in Melboring and then Echuca for the Winter Blues festival.

    1. Elizabeth Street -- what can I say??? Magbloodynificent!! Wish Perth had something similar. Prices? Picked up a pair of touring boots; cheapest price here in WA for the same thing was $239. Over the Internet, I could do 'em for $199 plus freight.Bought 'em on sale at Mars Leathers for $130. Stoked.

    2. Melbourne generally -- love the footpath parking. First time I saw it, I thought it was a row of bikes for sale! (Yeah, I know, dumb Sandgroper.) Great variety of bikes. Saw a full resto CB750 standing out in the rain. It was immaculate, and obviously a daily ride. Not as many scooters as I would have expected -- except for the dicks towing advertising billboards on trailers behind tiny scooters!! Perth drivers would've gone straight over them!! Bikes, with few exceptions, are filthy (see note below). One courier's bike (an XT660 I'm pretty sure!!) was so dirty it was literally impossible to see what colour it was, nor even one single tiny piece of chrome. It must have weighed 5 kg over factory specs -- all dirt. Was hoping there'd be a GTR1400 Kwaka in the flesh ... errr, metal ... for me to drool over, but no such luck ...

    3. Echuca -- Despite the weather (the Sunday especially was very cold, very wet and windy), saw lots of bikes and riders over the Friday/Saturday/Sunday of the Blues Festival. Ninety-five per cent of the bikes were Harleys!! That would be unusual here in the West -- only saw two of "my" type of bike (a Honda Blackbird and a Trumpy Sprint); there were two "new" Trumpies (a matching pair!), an old BMW R90, a Viffer -- and that was about that. (I'm sure there were others, but we were in the old Port, and that's about all I saw.) The other 30 or 40 bikes were Harleys, from Sportsters to full-house tourers (I don't know all their bloody models). Oh, yeah, nearly forgot the four fellers who appeared outta the rain and mist and gingerly picked their way around the Port roundabout on the greasy, muddy road --- on full-on trail bikes with uncompromising knobbies -- and very twitchy with it. Rather them than me. What was striking was how filthy the bikes were. Now I know your bike will get dirty from the road in the wet, but I think the Vic. water restrictions have also not helped keep bikes as pristine as you'd expect. Would make me cry, not being able to look after my bike like that. And don't start me about the cars ....

    4. We stayed at the foot of the Dandenongs with friends for the first two days. We got taken up there one Sunday morning. I absolutely twitched for my bike up those roads ... :(


  2. Good read Bruce. :grin:


    Our shitty weather & water restrictions mean alot of cars & bike
    are looking pretty filthy atm!

    Easily fixed tho. Wash the bike in the backyard or garage. [​IMG]

    Beautiful for bikes eh! Wait till you see it or ride there in Summer!

    Bikers paradise. [​IMG]

    Not a bad lil joint. I bought my wet weather gear from there & they do all
    my leather repairs.
  3. Very nice!

    Glad you enjoyed the trip to Vic mate. Elizabeth Street is pretty special I reckon.

    Interesting about the dirty bikes, hadn't thought about the water restrictions. I think too most of the bikes you see in the city are daily transprot so perhapse don't get the same TLC as the weekend beast.

    Shame you came for the crappy weather. Come back in Jan and we'll go find some twistys! :grin:
  4. I work near Eliz St and park (or used to park) my bike nearby.

    It would have been filthy as one ride home in the rain makes it filthy.

    We love parking on the footpath - makes for a very civilised society. Helps to keep em outta the way as some folks have no respect for your metal.

    Mars are great - got my gear there too. Boots I got from Riders Edge in Heidelberg.

    Had mates at the Blues Fest in Echuca. I would have been there too but, ahhh, I kinda trashed my bike and was laid up just a tad.

    Bugger - back to work tomorrow.