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Just an idea - ride to Alpine way.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Hey all. I'm looking back through my photos - reminiscing about one rd in particular, The Alpine Way.

    Would anyone be interested in heading up to do this road with me in the near future?

    I'm not sure how long we'd need though, as I took my time along here - stopping off at various stops and camping o/nite at different places, so I'm not sure whether it'd be possible to do the trip over 3 days (ride up Fri morn and get back Sunday night).

    I'm looking at the map and possible routes. I was thinking this:

    Friday : Melbourne - Healesville - Mansfield - Whitfield - Bright.

    Saturday: Bright - Khancoban - Thredbo - Khancoban (camp o'nite here).

    Sunday : Khancoban - Melbourne (not sure what route but the rd from Khancoban to Walwa to Albury/Wodonga is fanberloodybeautiful too.

    My question is - can it be done over such a short period of time? And would anyone be up for the challenge to do it with me? :grin:

    Methinks the Alpine way is truly beautiful and well worth the trip.
  2. I'd love to join you on this trip Rosie,
    however, with all the stuff I have going on at the moment
    it will depend on the date you choose.
    I turn 40 on the 31st of march and was going to do a ride up that way to celebrate. :cool:
  3. Well I can think of no better way to celebrate ones 40th birthday Caz! Will see what's on the calendar for that weekend.
  4. cool bananas, I reckon the "old fella" would be up for a ride down to hook up too!
  5. It does seem like a long run in a short period, for an adventure ride, but I'm willing to give it a shot :)
  6. G'day everyone,........

    How about doing it at easter?,....
    I get a couple of days off at that time so might be worth a ride around then.
    Also still time to make plans,decide on route etc.....

    Just a thought.

    Dr Who?
  7. Nope, I never go away at easter, way too many idiots on the road then, besides....
    My birthday is on the 31st and I can't change that date.
    if Rosie or anybody wants to go at easter thats cool, I'm still going to head off for my 40th birthday celebration weekend away.
  8. Can't do Easter weekend Dr. Who...plus I'd rather not be on those rds during that time.

    Hope you can make it the weekend before though! Would love to see your 'Whomobile' in the flesh. :)

    Roscoe - it is a long trip for a such a short weekend, but I'm willing to give it a shot too. :) Are you available that weekend? I am :grin:

    Links to my photos of Alpine Way..



    Geehi camping reserve - about halfway along Alpine Way:
  9. Niiice!
    Rosie, set a date I'll try and slot in. ;)

    Or have we settled on the 31st? I'll still have to confirm later.
  10. I think that weekend (31st) is a good one to lock in im.on.it. It works well for me too as the girls will be at their Dads.

    Hope you can do it. :)
  11. Melbourne to Bright is easily done in one day. Ditto Bright to Kancoban. Bright to Corryong takes probably 2-3hrs, depending on which way you go. However, the Sunday itinerary may be a long day in the saddle.

    To give you an example, in November we did Latrobe Valley to Tintaldra via Beechworth on the Friday.

    Saturday, did a loop of the Snowy Mountains from Tintaldra via Tumbarumba, Tumut, etc. back to Corryong for lunch. Then from there to Bright via Tawonga Gap.

    Sunday, home to Gippsland via Mt Hotham. All up, around 1,700kays. A fair bit of time was spent lounging around Beechworth, Corryong and in Bairnsdale on the way home, having lunch, chatting, etc.

    Maybe you'd like to consider doing Kahncoban for Day 1, then back to Bright the long way on Day 2, then home on Day 3. Consider a shorter ride for the last day as people may be looking forward to getting home.

    Or, if you do Bright on day 1 being the 31st March, I might be able to do the first two days (head up Friday, head home Saturday) as I have to work Sunday. Otherwise we're heading up there in the end of April, possibly doing a 3 day event to Tintaldra, Snowies, and back to Bright for Sat night.
  12. hmmmm,
    Intel tells me my name was mentioned but was since editted for censorship reasons ! :grin:
    Someone knew I was out on a ride . . . and that I would not read it !
    What was said ??? :?

    Anyway, if its a V-squad love-in, i'll plan to attend.
    Hopefully i'm Motarted . . .sorry i meant Motarded by then !
  13. Hmmmm :-k you have me pondering this one Rosie. Will know closer to the date about work / $$ / availability etc but I may only tag along for the 1st day/night if no one minds & peel off on the 2nd day at Albury to head up the Hume.
  14. Agree with MTJ57 generally (having just come back from up thataway). Bright is a fairly quick trip, barring incidents. You could get as far as Khancoban in a day, making the subsequent legs a bit easier.
    Having said that, Bright is a fine place, and the Star Hotel is cheap and cheerful.
    If your up that way, you could consider blowing past Thredbo to Jindabyne, and the road up to Charlotte's Pass (and Kosziusko) is excellent. But you have to backtrack. Depends on how big a day you want. Likewise, the much bigger loop through Adaminaby, Kiandra, Cabramurra.
    Other options to consider: Murray River Road is a great trip (Granya link is unbelievable); Happy Valley (Mt Beauty to Myrtleford).
  15. Hey Micky - are you serious? You'd try and come down for this? :woot:

    V3 - I hope you can make it...one day or three, it'd be great to have you join us. :)

    Good suggestions and thoughts. Cheers. I'll have a look at the map. I hear what you're saying about the Sunday mjt and titus. I quite like the suggestion of doing Melb-Khancoban the first day, then Khancoban - Thredbo - Khancoban - Bright on the second day and then home on the third.

    :? How long would it take to get from Melb to Khancoban? Without breaks - I'll factor those in after.

    Titus - is the Murray River rd you speak of the road that Walwa is on? If so, I agree about it being a great trip...although I didn't do the Granya link.

    I don't think we'd have time to get past Thredbo to Jindabyne/Charlotte's Pass etc. Same with Adaminaby and Kiandra. Just not enough time.

    I'm not sure if I should mention this or not, but if there are any newbies considering this ride I think that it's good to have some twisty experience under your belt.. You'd have to be fairly confident with riding on windy rds. We'll be doing a fair bit of riding each day and the roads are challenging. Just something to keep in mind. :)
  16. Id be keen to try and tag along on that one, but Im kinda near Albury Wodonga. If there was anyone wanting to start from there and join up that would be really good..... say, catch up at Bright at the night, - thats and hour or so from Wodonga

    It takes a bit over 2 hours to get from Wodonga to Kancoban, and 3.5 hours form Melb to Wodonga up the Hume
  17. Correcto - but the best bit is the twisties from Granya to Bullioh (which is actually of the MR rd.)
    I'm thinking you're probably right about too far - why bust a gut? There's always next time.
  18. Yarra Junction to Kancoban is around 500 km if you go via Mansfield, Whitfield, Beechworth, Corryong, etc.

    If you left YJ around 9am you'd be in Kancoban by around 5pm if you make a stop at say, Beechworth for lunch.
  19. Thanks Titus and mjt. I've heard about this Granya to Bullioh rd so have incorporated it into Day 1.

    I'm just looking at maps and getting ideas at the moment.

    If anyone has any thoughts on possible routes I'd love to hear them :)

    This is what I've put together: (Quite happy to change) Ignore the 'stops' as I've only put them in there to try and determine the route for the mapping system. :?

    Day 1... Melbourne to Khancoban: via Healesville, Marysville, Bonnie Doon, Wangaratta, Wodonga,


    ....Tallangatta, Bullioh, Granya, Walwa, Towong, Khancoban


    Day 2 is pretty straight forward - Khancoban - Thredbo - Khancoban - Corryong - Tallangatta - Bright


    Day 3 Bright - Melbourne.


    Any thoughts?
  20. Klavier - it'd be great if you could join in sometime along the way. :grin:
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