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Just add water

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Well it's not a nirvana road trip report, but on Saturday, I decided to scout some roads for a long and winding route between home and Daylesford via the Bulla/Sunbury/lancefield part of the world... I'm thinking of suggesting a ride... we will see.

    When I left in the morning, the weather man said showers didn't he... showers I can handle... What happened at 3pm was not a shower!!

    I was approaching the Melbourne airport, coming from sunbury... when WHAM!! What felt like golfball sized raindrops started coming down thick and fast.

    I missed the airport turnoff didn't I... and with the sanctuary of the airport car parking dissapearing into the rain reduced visibility behind me I hunkered down for a wet crazy ride down the tulla... searchin desparately for shelter. I could feel the cager sympathy and mirth...

    ...Like an oasis, the Mickleham road exit sign appears... YES!!! I'm saved!!

    I managed to save a squirming slipping turn onto Mickleham road - the road was sheeting water - and pulled into the shell servo. Within minutes another bike and several cages pulled in to shelter as well. The biker and I exchange knowing glances... his ZZR600 and he were totally soaked too - nothing like a common adversary to create instant bonding.

    So there we are, having a chat, watching fire engines and ambulances go past and cars wobble through the near by intersection, when all the lights and power go out in the servo... followed by a large crash from inside the servo shop... It took a couple of blinks to be sure it wasn't an illusion but the shop had instantly added a water feature in the shape of a waterfall! The ceiling and roof had caved in... shortly followed by two wet shop assistants forcing the sliding door aside and high tailing it out of the shop and out under the forecort shelter.

    What a hoot.

    I still had 30km to get home and plunged into the steady rain onced the storm lifted... By the time I got home I was totally and utterly drenched! But strangely happy... it was an adventure!!

    Oh and regarding the ride... I still have some more exploration to do... but, check out a bumpy curvy challenging couple of kms called "wildwood drive". It's definitely a recommended diversion. Loved it.


  2. I live in this area also and have found a nice little route for a short blurt. I head out the tulla to sunbury, then on to Mt Macedon via backroads, then over to Woodend. Then down through Trentham and onto Blackwood. Then back onto the Western Hwy and home.
    It's by no means as fun as kinglake - healesville or black spur but it's a lot closer and much more pillion friendly.
  3. Hahahahaha great story Rob, you're right, that's the sort of thing that turns a shitty ride into a real adventure! :grin:

    I'll be keeping an eye on what you're up to - I live right next to the Tulla in Flemington, but every bastarding ride I go on seems to start an hour away from my house, so I'd be rapt to know what's worth riding nearer to home!
  4. Where would all the good stories come from if things didn't go wrong eh? i love that feeling of exhiliration when i go out on my own, get lost, meet fellow travellers, overcome some adversity (i prefer my adversities small-scale :grin: ) and live to tell the tale. sounds like a great day out. thanks for adding a smile to m'day and motivating me to get out and play more :)
  5. Hey Rob,
    Great story. :grin:
    Glad to hear you have been out scouting some rides. Hope to see you at coffee tonight..i thought we could all check out some rides etc..I will be bringing the maps.. :grin:
  6. FR - I'll be there!

    With examples like Voyager to follow and Dimi's contagious enthusiasm... it was only a matter of time. :)
  7. Carri - we should all be playing more.

    Loz / Outbreak - since you're local, head up to sunbury by going around the airport and detour at the Wildwood road roundabout. It's rough but worth it... you won't even think you're in Melbourne anymore...
  8. rob, bet packing the rowing paddle and snorkel wouldn't have seemed all that silly an idea afterall... great story tho, glad you saw the lighter side of it....
    I've done the run up the tulla to romsey, mt. macedon and woodend before, not too bad up there, although I havent done the bit to Trentham, thanks for the idea outbreakmonkey, i might try that myself, as the back way to woodend/mt. macedon never seems enough....