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Just about to buy! - Have no idea :S

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by soturi, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. I just got my L's, and am looking to buy, was just googling around about sumoto, came over the mad 250's thread about overpriced and the such, all the crap, dont want to start a flame thread, im 6"2 and about 80kg, im not wondering if the cbr250, or a vtr250 , all 250s will be too small for me, im in love with the RVF 400s, but after reading all this crap about the dealership sumoto, -,-, im really in a place, even consdering going a road registerable dirt bike, i really want to stick to roadbike though, any ideas? im not a fan of the "naked" look bikes, more into a full fairing bike.

  2. Have you considered a GS500F?
  3. hmm!!! i might have to go have a look at one of those, never even heard of them! im just coming fresh from dirt hehe, they look decent indeed.....measily back tyres hahaha but i guess i have to deal with it until i can get off my L's thanks for that ill definatly have a look
  4. sounds like an ag bike!
  5. oh my god...i think i just found my baby, that bike could be it!
  6. if you're going to buy from sumoto save a thousand bucks and buy mine i'll gaurantee you its going to be better than Sumoto

  7. Have a look at the Hyosungs
  8. yeah GS500F is the way to go for a new(er) faired larger lams option

    stay the hell away from sumoto is the verdict on these forums.

    edit: didn't read OP
  9. :LOL:

    Good one :LOL:
  10. hi yes the Suzuki 650f is around 10k and the GS500f is around 7k if you shop around the dealers .

    I have a GS very happy with it around 190kgs and 400k to a tank .

    do a search on here .
  11. +1 for the GS500.

    If you want to do any kind of freeway riding they are a great learner option.

    100 km/h is comfortable in 4th gear and 6000rpm. With 5th and 6th still available sustained 130km/h is no problem.

    Also in daily traffic they are easy to handle. The other bike I looked at was the honda cb400, they are a better bike (newer technology EFI etc). But I just could not come at the 10K price tag.

    Having said all of that I have not heard of anyone being dissapointed with a vtr250.