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Just about to buy a ZZR250...but hesitating? Eeeep!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Booki, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Gday guys, ive just put my bids on for a ZZR250, its got some fairing damage, but its a 2001 model with 5,000km acording to the auction. Was thinking of just slapping a new fairing kit on it and having it as my second learner bike.

    but ive been doing some reading, searching through the threads and people say its a piece of junk compared to a CBR250R? (I used to have one)

    Is this true? Mainly looking for responses from current/previous ZZR250 riders.
    How did you find the bike? Does it scrape the pegs when you corner? Thats the main thing im worried about.

    And how is it compared to power to a CBR250R? Id imagine it would be something like a second in a 0-100 time, The power difference is not a whole lot is it? Worst case i can put on larger rear sprockets to beef up the gearing to get up to speed. (At the cost of top speed)

    But am i doing the right thing in buying this? And how is the resale value on these ZZR's? Easy to sell once im off my restrictions?

    Just need a bit of a push to go through with it all as money is hard to come by :(

    Thanks in advance guys!

  2. If you didnt win I know of a late model one in canberra black - two female owners only no wait thats a gpz i think
  3. I thought the CBR was actually a zippy thing when properly looked after. And the ZZR was basically an around town scoot with a fairing slapped on? I reckon the difference would be a fair bit, based on nothing but looking at the engines.
  4. I won the auction, and Canberra is a bit far from Melb :p

    Quarterwit, my cbr seemed ok mechanically except it would get stuck in a strange spot between first netural and second. It wasn't netrual and it wasn't second, it would make a bad grinding noise then i would have to kick it up again to get it into second. That scared me from ever owning another CBR250R/RR again...

    I just did a vic roads check on the bike,

    Strange enough, It was first registered in 2003? Even though its a 2001 model? Whats the deal there? Does this mean its a import?! I thought ZZR250's were Aus delivered?

    Its had a total of 6 different registers, two companys and four private. Acording to the rego the previous owner has had it since 2007, Hope the 5,000km is legit.....more so hope its a legit bike and not a import.

    what do you fellas think?

    EDIT: Just did a quick google, cbr's punch out 45hp and ZZR 40hp, course this will depend on condition and im betting that this ZZR will probebly be just as quick as the old CBR i had. I mean come on, a 1989 bike vs a 2001 with so called 5,000km?
  5. "You can buy brand new body fo ~$600 and you need a new bathory.(the bathory is dead.)"

    On the auction - Hehe thought that was interesting.. for a minute there i thought i didnt know what that was :p
  6. lol yer! Took me a while to figure that one out to ha ha ha! Still worried about it though....
  7. did ever think to fix the CBR? Sounds like a stuffed gearbox (not inconceivable, as all CBR's are all old) not an inherent design flaw in Honda's design.

    Unbelievable really.
  8. Didn't want to bother with it, were a few other little cosmetic issues with the bike two, the socket that the headlamp was built into was all smashed in and the wrong wattage globe had been forced in there....I sold it off to a friend of a friend informing him of everything, though he seemed happy with it.

    I will be looking at the bike tomorrow.....with some luck i will be a owner of a ZZR250 :)

    Assuming all goes well. Hoping to get it all painted up looking nice to :)

    Though not looking forward to paying the rego.....bike rego is such a rip!
  9. m0tyrider, bikes are still cheaper than cars but does that matter that much? Anyway, zrrrrrrs are good bikes, though you're brave to buy any bike sight unseen. Hope its just whatcha want. Before you know it you'll be movin up anyways!
  10. Mmmm still not cheaper buy much, isn't it like $500 for the year? Oh well ill find out when im at vicroads when they sting me with the bill.

    Question, do ZZR's take the same sprockets as GPX's? (talking 250's here) Already thinking of going bigger on the back for more zippyness ha ha! 8-[

    And where do you guys source your parts from? I know with dirtbikes, its alot cheaper from the states! Same with road bikes?
  11. Rego is about the same as a car, depending on a few variables. You will use less fuel, probably more oil & tyres are either dear or cheap, depending on what you're comparing them to. 2 cars tyres for me cost more than 2 bike tyres, & my cars needs 4, simple maths!

    I would assume the sprockets would be the same, however I wouldn't gear it down unless you are only doing city riding, you'll run out of top end pretty quick otherwise.

    Try & find a local bike shop you can get on good terms with, if you don't support your local shop, they won't support you when you need a new whatever at the 11th hour before you head off on your world tour/moto gp run/ dash to the shops.

    Enjoy the bike, they're a fun little unit!
  12. The ZZR has a little more low down torque (hahahaha torque on a250… I jest) than the CBR.
    The are a really nice bike to commute on, and can really be pushed through the twisties.
    I had touched a peg down on mine once, but that was entirely rider error (Important safety tip, Don’t try keeping up with Flux on your first big twisties ride (Actually just don’t try keeping up with Flux.))
    The key area the ZZR is let down is the brakes and suspension, but get your riding style right and you can make up a lot for that.
  13. They are fine for a 250 - CBRs are faster when they get screaming but there's not that much between them.

    Wreckers have millions of them, so parts aren't an issue. Many of them were imports, as were many of the almost identical (mechanically) GPXs, so I wouldn't let that worry you.

    Any learner bike more than a couple of years old is likely to have a 'colourful' history - that's just the nature of the beast.

    Still think you're brave for buying unseen, but then the guy who just bought my GSXR did the same, and he's happy.
  14. Well update on the situation, went down to check it out. Rejected it. Did not buy. Was rusted, battery was dead as advertised, it barley started and when it did. It seemed the jets were blocked in the carb because when you tried to rev it, it would just suck in air. Had it running for about 15 minutes and still nothing changed.

    To me it was a piece of junk at that price and not worth fixing up. Rust on the pipes, forks, cracked fairings (As expected), tank would not open to put fuel in, the guy bent the key as well. So i said no thanks not for that price....$1500 and maybe i would have thought about it, but in the condition it was. I just had to say no.

    So now im still looking for a bike.... :( I wouldn't mind another CBR but at 20years old on average, its hard to find something that is nice, clean and has 0 problems for a good price.

    think i might start looking at later model GPX's, even though i think there ugly, but its my learner bike and i just want to ride with you fine netrider members :)

    But really at the end of the day. I just want something nice to ride that will give me 0 problems and be high in demand so i can sell it roughly at what i purchased it for. And spend hopefully very little on it, (excluding maintenance costs)
  15. Good luck in your hunt.
    Don’t discount the ZZR, I ran mine hard for 4 years before upgrading, and it kept me happy.
  16. Good on ya for rejecting the gpx sounds like a hunk that you should only pay $500 for.

    I hope you realise motorbikes are like high maintennance girlfriends. To get the best out of them you need to spend some time with them and they often have hissy fits for no apparent reason. Even late model bikes can still have their moments.

    But realistically if you don't want too many problems I suggest nothing more than 5 years old (3 if you can afford it), has a log book service history (and the owner can prove it with receipts/stamps in log book) and lives in a garage.
  17. Get a GS500. Old ones (93-95) are cheap as, bulletproof and you can sell it for as much as you paid for it.
  18. Know where to get these from?? I heard they are pretty rare?
  19. Oh i know motorbikes are high maintence, i am very full on with the maintence of my dirt bike....top end rebuilds, tranny oil changes, air filter maintence (gotta be done very often) and just checking the thing over all the time and CLEANING! Cannot express that enough on bikes....keep them clean keep them mean. When your cleaning you notice little things that you can fix up before big problems arise, ie loose bolts/nuts, how dry/loose your chain is, suspension leaks. all these problems can be found straight away if you clean your bike constantly ;)

    And yer, in regards to that less then 5 years is a good mark.....but, with that sort of year comes a decent price, as well as most bikes in that time being slugs? I mean whats in there that is say around 4,000 other then your GPX's and ZZR's?
  20. Check bikesales and ebay. They are really popular, being one of the favourite LAMS bikes. There are only newer models on these sites that the moment, but I have seen heaps of older cheaper ones won for amazingly low prices. Do some research on them; the design hasn't changed in 20 or so years so that speaks for itself in terms of reliability.