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Just a tip to watch out what's on the side of the road.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Eric, May 31, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    I just thought i'd let you in on what happened to me on my work down the SE Freeway in Melb this morning at approx 10am.

    I along with everyone were stuck behind a group of trucks doing the speed limit (plus 10 percent on occassions). There was a car infront of me and no opportunity to lane split, so I stayed behind the car.

    In the emergency lane was a sheet of 5 ply, approx 1meter square. As the truck drove past, The board was picked it up in its slip stream and hurdled behind (no fault of the truck driver). Fortunately for me, but not the tin top, it hit the car on the drivers side door. All i got was a shower of spliters and wood chips. To his credit he did not panic and kept going until he could merge left and inspect the damage (a nice dint and respary on both doors).

    The moral here (besides buying a Tatts ticket) is you have to be ever vigilant when riding, as anything can be kicked up in your way, and they can hurt. Trust me I've been hit by a piece of railway balast while going under a bridge and you don't want to know what was said under my helmet let alone the size bruise. For those who decide to ride in the emergency lane, you may want to think twice, as all the crap on the road does end up there.

  2. FWIW I always split on the SE carpark. The emergency lane is just that and a puncture heaven
  3. Yep, I ran over a foot long peice of square section in a bicycle lane once.

    I can imagine how much of a shock you got!
    Be careful these things happen in threes.
  4. copped a 2 inch nail through my tyre once on the treadly, not so much of a problem at 35kph on a 15kg bike that uses $20 tyres, not real keen on doing the same thing on my motorbike.

    bike lanes are dangerous places, i'll stick to splitting (much more fun too :twisted: )
  5. Vigilant is the word!

    I avoid tradey utes like the plague ever since a piece of plaster board one time and a large yellow bucket another time tried to make my acquaintence - the plaster board actually did.

    Well avoided Eric.

  6. yeah i dodged a sheet of ply about 6 foot square, coming off the back of an open sided truck. was a taut liner with the Taut rolled up.

    me and the mechanic from work where driving behind it, when we saw it lift then off it came followed the slip stream and up and over the top of us to then plummett into the car about 4 lenghts behind us.

    so not so much as dodged.. just good airodynamics on our car...