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Just a thought: Nod a rider by cagers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by krabi, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Today I was sitting in my car at an intersection and I noticed a bike position himself out wide so I can see him (good rider clearly even if he was on a 125). He looked at me I looked at him and by habit, I nodded. Surprisingly, he nodded back probably thinking "thanks mate you saw me".

    This got me thinking (actually seething) about the disgusting piece of advertising my poor Mexican brethren are being subjected to, and also thinking about a recent idea by smileedude on training our kids to spot motorcycles on educating our young as a positive step to getting drivers to look for us.

    How about extending nodding to the cars. Make the drivers feel part of the club.
    "Nod a Rider" let them know you've seen them.
    Or "Give'em a Nod not a Nudge"

    I think rather than adopt an us and them mentality when it comes to road safety let's do a positive initiative and push unlike those f'kers at TAC.

    I am going to nod a rider when in the cage from now on just to let them know I've seen them. And low and behold it just might make me look that little bit more.
  2. Nod a cage?

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  3. A wild nodding thread appears!

    Yeah odds are the guy in the cage is probably a rider as well. I've nodded at bikes when i've been in a cage and most of them just stare back like wtf? Times when i've nodded at cagers when on the bike they'd just wave back.

    Seems like riders nod, not cagers.
  4. this is just wrong in so many ways
  5. I've had riders give me the nod, and given it back, when I've let them through, or let them turn infront of me, because in a truck or car I don't have the acceleration bikes do.

    At lights I will give a rider a nod if they are beside me in my cage, if I like what they are riding, or I just feel like it.

    I've also given the nod, when I can't take my hand off the bars, plenty of times, splitting/filtering.

    If we as riders don't show the cages and others respect, when they show some respect towards us, then what chance do we have on changing their attitude?
  6. I had not driven for a while and then the first trip i did i nod at this bike, then i shook my head and called myself an idiot.
  7. It has some merits. I think what you said at the end about making you look more is also a good point. As you said, it might help break down the us vs them mentality. It will also help remind drivers there is another human under the helmet.

    However, you are a rider, so rememebr that this is all from the perspective of a rider.
  8. Wouldnt that involve the cager looking up from their text message?
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  9. or updating facebook
  10. I reckon if you are driving a cage just stick one of those nodding dogs on your dash then everyone gets a nod.
    Maybe we should market "Noddy" the Netrider Nodding Dog.
  11. Smees gonna give someone the banhammer soon..
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  12. If I appreciate someone doing the right thing on the road then I'll nod or wave.
    Might make them feel a little better and doesnt cost me anything.
    Its like stopping at a roundabout and giving way to pedestrians. Just because youre supposed to doesnt mean anyone does it.
  13. These nodding threads are getting beyond ridiculous now...Not just the number of them but now the content too (against all odds the content has become more ridiculous beyond what was thought possible).
  14. I blame the nod button! Whose idea was that?
  15. ...After that the SMS or Facebook status update might read 'I just had this bike rider nod at me..lol'

    THIS is one of the caziest threads I've seen on NR. :)
  16. Nod gunna happen
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  17. I nod at cars a fair bit as I filter through them on my commute, or if someone actually pauses to let me ride past before pulling out of their sidestreet - its just a nice way to acknowledge courtesy.

    Similarly - when in a car I have been known to nod at riders - usually just as a "Dont worry - I've seen you" kind of thing.

    As others have said - its no big deal and anything that helps people get along and feel less embattled on the road is a good thing.
  18. Used to nod at riders at lightS n shit whilst riding in the trucks back to the depot from work sites...only time it's acceptable as I was wearing my helmet in the truck *nods* - was way too excited to get back to my bike and hoon off home knowing workmates would be stuck in traffic
  19. I suspect neck surgery might be on the rise...
  20. I passed the local coppers yesterday afternoon going the other way, sitting on the 110km/h speed limit. I was given the little two fingered wave on top of the steering wheel (not the rude two fingered wave). I nodded back. He smiled.

    Life goes on...
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