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just a thankyou to the riders that stopped in to offer help

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, May 19, 2012.

  1. snapped my clutch cable yesterday and parked up on northern road penrith

    whilst waiting for my lazy brother in law to pull his finger out n' pick me up i had 6 rider's either yell out to ask if i was ok and if i needed help whilst they were stopped in traffic or made the effort even in peak hour traffic to turn around and pull up to ask if they could help in anyway (including one offering to go home and get his trailer)

    Thankyou to said people ..netriders or not...just putting it out there.

    would have to be up there with one of my favoured benefits of riding...the community spirit and people always willing to help their fellow riders.
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  2. Glad you had offers for help! Some good guy gregs out there.

    I once walked my bike half an hour down the M4 as i ran out petrol, 9pm (bike was still new then i didn't know the km's until reserve) - nobody stopped to help.
  3. Restore your faith in human behaviour... much better than the arse-hats who think nothing of closing off gaps when you're filtering!
  4. As a comunity bike riders stick together, often offering to help a fellow rider or just stopping to check all is well.
    You won't find this in the box driving crowd.
    I know from experiance
  5. .... The Riff isn't all bad!!... Eh??...\\:D/
  6. There are exceptions, yes.
    But you'd die of old age, before someone in a cage checked to see if you're ok.
  7. .... Not so!!... We stopped a while back when in the car when we came across a guy, a bike and an accident scene on the way to wisemans ferry....

    Ok... We ride tho!....8-[
  8. You could die of old age if you were in a cage and broke down by the side of a major highway. I found that out recently when a fan belt popped off.

    On the subject of a broken clutch cable - I rode home on a trail bike when living in Newcastle with no clutch cable. It wasn't too far (about 8 Km) but traffic lights and Stop signs were the hassle. Had to use a few side streets and one or two footpaths but I made it.
  9. Oi!... I did say that there are exceptions.
    You left that bit out when quoting me!
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    Walking down Richmond Rd pushing the bike to get fuel one guy in a truck stopped offered me fuel and then realised the Jerry can was empty. 2 mins later another guy in a Ute stopped, gave me fuel and refused to take any money from me to pay for it.

    Not to mention I had less than a km to go and they stopped on the other side of a very busy rd.
    Say what you want about western sydneysiders but they can go above and beyond in niceness.

  11. I clutchless shifted from st marys to penrith on the great western but the northern road traffic lights were my down fall with finally having to stop...not worth the hassle with stop starting in peak hour to continue on - seen you riding again tweets.....mind you ya do stick out like dogs balls with the helmet hair and retro colored bike so your kind of hard to miss =P

    After alot of fiddling about whilst horridly hung over the bikes fixed !

    And doesnt matter if people in cars stop to help other drivers ect...helping a fellow man out is obviously far too large a thing to ask cagers to do...we(riders) take care of our own...and it's something to be proud of.

    Edit - not saying all cagers are hopeless by any means much like smileedude's post explains..there are good folk about be it on two wheels Or four
  12. did you oil up your new clutch cable?? allso its a good move to oil up your throttle cable and speedo cable every 4 weeks . ..if you leave your bike out in the weather do it more often ,,, doing this will save you time and money in the end .
  13. It IS a very good feeling when you pull over to adjust your gear or similar, and 70% or more of the blokes going past are looking across to see if you're ok and get a response from you, to signal ok or not.

    So, don't forget to give them one.
  14. Yep certainly did tiprat and spot on raven
  15. Geez ,87 Crisis . Your bike is falling to bits! Doing more pushing than riding!
  16. lol yeah ...speedo cable n clutch cable gone in a fortnight...touch wood she'll be right for a good while to come....barely had the time to enjoy the new tyre's !