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Just a thanks to streetmaster (highly reccomend him)

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Mikey213, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Just a thanks to dave (streetmaster), and a recommendation for anyone else in victoria who needs work done on their bikes at a good price and done quickly!!

    Had to get my chain and sprockets replaced (due to previous owners poor maintenance) and valve clearances checked, and a few other gremlins checked out.

    Dropped it off thursday night and picked it up today!

    super quick work, even checked extra things and taught me a couple of things, was really happy with the result.

    what surprised me was he did extra work on the bike, and i am low on funds at the moment so he didn't charge me for it, really top bloke and i will definitely be back again when i need to.

    with a beer this time!!

    Thanks again mate
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  2. Streetmaster did my service recently, he checked and cleaned everything! It's interesting actually watching a mechanic at work, and it was a great night with some great banter and definitely highly recommended!!

    Honest, incredibly knowledgeable and all round great bloke (y)
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  3. Cool, didn't realise he did this. I've only met Dave on one Sunday ride. He's one of those blokes you trust from the get go. He's first (well second in my case, Anto beat him by a few minutes) to introduce himself to the new to the group riders. Good stuff Dave, will keep this in mind.
  4. Always highly recommend Streetee for servicing a bike, he's honest, helps everyone, and is a genuine nice bloke..
  5. wheres he located? need to get help with an issue

    edit: nvm, should have used search first
  6. Where is he located? Looking for someone like this. I am on the Peninsula too.
  7. You can search for members under the Community tab.

    Streetmaster's details are here
  8. Thanks for that.
  9. He's now our unofficial Snowy Ride 2012 tinkerer!
    Grey may need need his assistance! With those bloody carbs.
  10. Had him do some work on my ninja, and gladius, did a great job too!!!! Didn't even need to book in. Just a phone call and went there straight away.
  11. Just saw this thread, You're all making me blush!!
    Glad to be of assistance. (y)
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  12. Buddy, if I won lotto, you'd be one of the first I'd gladly drop a suitcase full of cash to!!
    and no, I wont shave my legs for you!!
  13. Would you shave your legs for him if he was throwing the suitcase of cash at you Goddie?
  14. hmmm, that depends, are you 'meaning' just 'throwing' the case at me? Or with the hope that i'd shave my legs? lol
  15. Streety is awesome, he's fitted two chain and sprocket sets for me on two different bikes and installed heated grips on the FZ8N for me. Supplies free coffee at his place as well ;-)