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Just a small handful of simple questions for you guys =]

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Master.D., Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Hey all, just a couple of questions:

    1) If I were to buy a 'faired' bike such as a CBR (for example), is it possible that when I first get it I can take the fairings off and ride it naked (the bike.. not me!!!) for the first few weeks until I'm comfortable enough to ride it with the fairings on? I don't want to damage them as I understand they're quite expensive. So is it as simple as just taking off and putting on the fairings?

    2) I have a $200 pure leather jacket.. is that a good enough jacket? I'm looking to save a few hundred dollars when I get my bike so am I right to assume that camo pants/jeans and my leather jacket will suffice for jacket/pants and I just have to buy boots/gloves/helmet??

    3) My friend and I are looking to buy a crappy POS bike in a couple of weeks. Something that we can ruin the transmission on and drop without worrying about it. Looking to spend about $800 max.. on eBay there are these 125cc dirt bikes for sale for very cheap but they look like they're mini bikes or something. The auction doesn't say they're mini but is there a way I can tell? Is there a term or something for an undersized bike?

    4) Does anyone have an idea of where I could get a crappy but working bike for about $800? Doesn't need to be roadworthy or anything.. just needs to be able to run around a deserted carpark without killing me!

    Thanks a heap guys

  2. Yes you can take the fairings off, but you might have to jerry rig a setup so the front blinkers are still on. Taking the fairing on and off can be a biatch, but if you are patient and take your time you can learn alot and give it a good clean and inspection and possibly service whilst you've got them off.

    As for your leather jacket, is it just a normal leather jacket ie. not made for riding? If so then no, imo it is not acceptable. Should be specifically designed for bikes and should have armour inserts. Normal jacket stitching isn't designed to stand up to sliding down the road.

    $800 will get you very, very little. Expect to pay 2 grand for something thats in pretty $hit condition and needs money spent on it to get it healthy.
  3. Really? Even for a crappy unroadworthy 125cc??

    The ones on eBay are only $575 and they claim to be drivable..

    Thanks btw for your answers :)
  4. 1) Yes but it's a bit more complicated as Phizog says. Mirrors, indicators, air ducts and other bits and pieces can be attached to the nosecone. On some bikes you can take off side fairings or lower fairings without issue, but at the end of the day you might just as well buy some crash knobs instead for about $150 which will take the worst of a slide.

    2) Bike leather and fashion leather are two very different things. You're best off buying a $150-$250 cordura style jacket with some armour in it to get started with.

    3) Steer clear of the shit on ebay, those bikes are a crock. Go to a country town and ask around for an old dirtbike that still runs. Check the supermarket for notices, ask in the pub, farmers have all sorts of stuff lying around that they might want to sell, and the stuff's usually cheap.

    4) They're out there all right, check the trading post and see point 3.

    Good luck and happy trails.
  5. Hi MasterD,

    1) Personally I wouldn't remove the fairing. It's a pain to do, and it's certainly not inevitable that you will drop the bike. In fact, if you're going to drop the bike at all it will probably happen after a few months, when your confidence has built up but your skills have not. That's the danger period.
    I'd fit a set of oggy knobs, ride and forget they're there.

    2) The $ 200 leather jacket is fine.

    3) I am wondering why you're after a bike that you can 'drop and ruin the transmission without worrying'. I understand you're a new rider, so what are you going to do - learn to stunt? You certainly won't ruin anything or drop the bike while learning, not if you do it properly. I suspect someone has told you a bunch of fibs, learning to ride is not like that.
  6. ...for going out in! But don't expect it to do much if you slide down the road unless, as has been said, it's designed for that!

    Can all our learners have that in writing please StRider? :?

    When I did my L's course 2 people dropped their bike, and they had been riding previously! There is every chance you may drop the bike whilst learning. If you get an $800 POS then don't worry about it, accept that you will never get a cent back for this bike, ever, and just go and ride it and learn on it, with fairings and everything.
  7. Apologies see next post...
  8. Perhaps you should have higlighted the words not if you do it properly.
    If I were you I'd do the L's course with a trail bike, it will be so much easier and won't get anywhere near as damaged should you drop it. Personally I don't think it's inevitable, far from it if you follow instructions properly. That previously experienced riders should drop their bikes during the course is quite typical, but that's because they believe that they are good already and overstep the instructions.

    But anyhow Master D, as usual when posting such questions you get totally different (and confusing) opinions, which I am sure don't help much. Mate I've been riding for some 20 years, and I believe I know what I'm talking about but you need to decide for yourself.

    Re the difference between a $ 200 leather jacket and $ 1000 is not necessarily so much. Make sure it's leather if possible and that it has 1) shoulder and elbows solid protection and if you can 2) fit a back protector. Apologies I did assume your leather jacket was a bike leather jacket - which is fine. If it's not then Tryway is certainly correct.

    Enjoy your riding and take care.
  9. 1. older bikes can be ridden with their fairing removed more readily than newer models. You may be able to remove the lower fairing and leave the upper in place on many bikes, without worrying about water proofing and stray ducting etc.

    2. a $200 bikejacket should be OK for a bit, but don't expect it to hold up in a 100km/h fall.

    3/4. you might get an unregister traily for less than $800 but the money you'd have to throw at it after purchase would blow your budget. find another $700 and keep $300 of that in your pocket for after the purchase.

    Also keep in mind riding unregister bikes is mostly illegal. Even in a deserted car park I believe you can be booked.
  10. :? St rider, ever noticed the crash bars on learner organisation's learner bikes?? Learners have a high probability of dropping bikes at low speed and they have a tendency to grab front brakes in slow turn manouvers which guess what.... leads to drops.

    Your IF is a big if and I'd say, the experience of rider learning organisations the WORLD over do not bear your thoughts out.

    OP, take the fairing off, but as all have pointed out, unless you spend more time putting lights and indicators back into position onto a frame that's NOT designed to be naked, you will have an unroadworthy bike.

    Dress leather would be better than a t-shirt or layers of textile clothing, but no subsitute for proper bike jacket.

    No comment on your other points.
  11. Thanks all for your input =]

    1) Fair enough.. I never thought about mirrors and all that. I just remember seeing a CBR on eBay that came with two alternate fairings so I assumed that it was as easy as slipping on and off like a differet coloured mobile phone cover :p. I'll get the oggy knobs, they sound good.

    2) Yea, it's not a bike leather jacket haha.. I will buy a good jacket =]

    3) Hmm.. well the idea was to just get a crappy bike that it won't matter IF I drop it or ruin the transmission. Not saying that I will - and from when I rode my mates bike I was a lot more comfortable on a bike than I thought I would be. But as I said, if I weren't worried about my brand new $5k bike I would probably be a lot more comfortable leaning furhter down or changing gears smoother or w/e

    Thanks again
  12. 1. Put crash knobs on, dont worry you wont stack and if you do it will be at low speed.

    2. Pure leather? so what.. Get a proper motorcycle jacket with CE aproved armour.

    3. Buy one of those mini 125cc's off ebay, I did and there all good. I stunt my mini though and let me tell u its had a few falls :wink:

    4. Buy a new mini or go get a shitter second hander, just stay clear of 2 strokes they hurt newbies.
  13. Hey man, thanks for answering.

    Will a mini be suitable to develop a small foundation of motorcycling knowledge? I understand it will help me with gear changes and that but will it help me learn how to lean and steer and all that? Also, how "mini" is mini?

  14. Re the transmission, they're not that fragile; a couple of missed gears here and there won't harm it. For the rest of the bike (falls aside) a new rider rarely stresses them to the limit, so mechanically I wouldn't worry, i doubt you will do any damage to it.

    Mate look at what we put our bikes through on track, and they bounce back again and again.

    Don't play around with mini bikes, normal motorbikes are fine. Take it easy, follow the instructions and use your head and you won't even fall. Some make it sound like falling over is inevitable for a beginner, what a load of crap.
  15. I spent $600 on my bike (1980 Honda CB250N), but I had to drive out to Kalgoorlie to pick it up. I think it probably would have fetched more in Perth, but there's not much of a market for old bikes that close to a gold mine.

    I've had it for a year now and probably spent about the same again in servicing. I'm still ahead, and it's still got some more life left in it.

    I fell off a scooter in a $200 leather jacket once that wasn't made for riding. It protected me well enough at low speed, but I'd trust my $150 riding jacket with armour over the leather jacket, and it's much more comfortable to ride in at speed because it's a tighter fit.
  16. at 40 c/km for the drive the bike really cost you $2000.