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Just A Quick Question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iFrosty, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. I Dont know if this is the right place to post a question but here it goes:

    So im deciding to get a Kawa N250r for my first bike... and since ill be stuck with it for a while, i need to know if, will it violates the "LAMS Rules" if i change the exhaust... for example a yoshimura slip on... just an example, will it violates it? will it still be consider as a LAMS bike? ive been searching around and pretty much i see says "it will violate the LAMS rule"

    EDIT: I Also forgot that in the RTA website "Any modifications on the bike is restricted" or something =="
  2. changing an exhaust doesnt violate the LAMS at all. the lams is based on power to rate ratio....
    I think you will find the restricted mods are like turbos, and NOS anything that severly alters the engine output
  3. mechanical mods violates LAMBS

    you needed a new muffler. could not aquire genuine part. fortunately for you a company that makes motorcycle mufflers was able to supply a new muffler designed for your make/model bike.

    i see no violation here.
  4. so no violation? okay then, just double checking, coz once i get my ninja 250r ill change the exhaust on that bike and change the front and rear lights more brighter
  5. It's a crime against humanity though a parallel twin just sounds like ass.
  6. it won't pass EPA testing either,
    or possibly not pass a rwc
    and it would be in your best interest to have it mentioned on your insurance policy
  7. So for example this one has a MGP Growler Aftermarket exhaust


    will this one pass EPA or RWC? just for an example

    well if not can i just replace it with the original exhaust, pass the EPA or RWC, then put back the MGP?

    Sorry for being noob here.. im quite new
  8. Quite often people will keep the stock pipe/can and sell it with the bike. It's a minor hassle, but you can swap the stock one back in for inspections and then back out for riding.

    As has been said, LAMS is about power-to-weight, and it's massively unlikely that a change of pipe would change the power of a 4 stroke 250 enough to take it outside the legal zone.
  9. that can is not sold for street use, no hope passing epa testing. but first you have to get picked up for it.
    hopefully the guy selling is including the stock muffler, because unless the bike has been properly tuned for that exhaust it probably runs like crap and backfires like nobodies business. popping on deceleration would be obscene.
    that muffler fitted by itself, without a full system, no cat, and tuned to supply more fuel and air. just won't run real good. no back pressure.

    as for rwc with that can, sorry dunno, ask a mechanic
  10. ok so how about this exhaust? http://www.bikebiz.com.au/products/Yoshi-TRC-Slip-On-NINJA-250R-08%2d11-Carbon{47}Carbon-Tip.html
  11. how about it ?
    it's a nice can, bit pricey but yoshis always sound superb.
  12. ohh sorry mate ==" what about this i meant :D

    i dont mind about the price, as long as i can replace the silent exhaust of the 250r, and street legal, and will pass the inspections.

    so, will it pass?

    what bout you? do you use aftermarket exhaust?
  13. honestly , no aftermarket muffler is going to pass epa testing nowadays.
    and no-one really gives a shit.
    because it's safer for you to be heard in traffic. it dose'nt have to be obscenely loud and something like a yoshimura won't be, unless you give it a handfull of throttle.
    which is ideal if you are comming up alongside a car approaching an intersection. can alert your presence by barking at it. because drivers don't see you until you are in front of them.
    and as you know, cars randomly change into the next lane for seemingly no reason at all when they approach intersections.

    as mentioned by Bravus, most people keep the stock muffler in the unlikely event that a cop in a crabby mood decides to be a **** to you.
    then you have to go and get the bike checked over, in which case you bolt the standard can back on for testing. merely an exercise to inconvenience you. but you will also be fined.
  14. just remembered
    some aftermarket cans, (some yoshis do i think too) will come with and extra baffle that you can choose to leave in or remove. in theory with the additional baffle fitted they should be under the decibel limmit, whatever that is now, 94 or 92
  15. well ill probably just go ask the dealer of the exhaust if its street legal and will it pass the inspection

    if not then plan b, change the exhaust for inspection

    then plan c if i get caught, what you said, change the exhaust

    i dont get it why they restrict loud noise ==" we dont complain bout cruisers, harleys that has very very LOUD NOISE!
  16. It's so low on the list of priorities I'm sure you'll be fine.

    You know you're not restricted a 250cc machine under the LAMS laws right? Just because it looks like a sportsbike, does not make it so.

    On the contrary, there's many a parallel twin that sounds as good as any V twin you care to name, firing order & crank offset is the key ;)

    A 250 Ninja, however, does sound like arse, yes.
  17. I've had my yoshi can tested twice and it's passed both times. Heaps of factors come into play. I think the test is done at 4,000 rpm. So if it's a high reving bike and 4,000 is miles from the powerband, it could be whisper quiet down low and a screamer up high. You should find that most 'slip on' mufflers will pass epa requirements. A full system with headers probably wont. 2c
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  18. meh get a fine, it rarely happens (never happened to me for a pipe, would be a PITA).

    i used to bank on 1 or 2 bus lane fines every year at the end of the eastern in melb, but it's so much safer and faster i decided i didn't care, no points removed and i saved 45 minutes a day on a bike, per hour it was about a 33cent tax.

    do whatever the hell you want, although open piped twins are a bit try hard IMO (i kept stock pipes on my sv1000, probably the only bike i have ever done that on), get a road legal aftermarket one anyway cause it will sound better on a 250.