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Just a question on pricing

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Makybe05, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Hey,
    I got my L's the other day and now I'm searching for a bike. I've been scanning over all the papers in Wagga, Albury, Canberra and the Trading Post, for about the last 6 weeks which has produced nothing. I even put an ad in the local paper in the WTB section. There doesnt seem to be much in this area except for bikes that are ridiculously over priced like a 1988 Suzuki Across with 22,000kms on it with cosmetic damage for $4000. Is that too much to ask or are my expectations too high?

    I'm not really sure what to do, I want a bike badly, Do i put an ad in the Canberra and Albury papers for a Suzuki across or Kwaka zzr or do i wait for something to come up?

  2. perhaps if you looked further afield, even make a weekend out of it and go to Sydney or Melbourne....
  3. Learner legal bikes tend to hold their value. Also remember advertised price is not sale price.
  4. ebay and bike sales work just as well... probably better than peoples opinions on what bikes are worth.
  5. :WStupid: check out the websites. far better range of options, and like althasaur said, if you can get yourself to sydney or melbourne for a day or two that will multiply your choices immensely.

    $4k for a "damaged" '88 across seems a bit high, i've seen mid-90's models advertised for that
  6. Yeah, thanks for the advice, it seems the bikes on ebay and bikesales are alot more reasonable. Im trying to get a 2005 zzr with 18,000km for $4000 lined up, have to wait and see how it goes.
  7. Be suspect of it at that price, my 02 zzr with more kms went for 4400, and thats a very good price.

    Unless the 05 one has fecked fairings, which would explain the low price.
  8. Keep looking at the usual media, and be cash ready and prepared to travel to ACT or Sydney at the drop of a hat.
  9. Have you looked HERE?
    I see a couple straight off that could suit.

    I did a 750k round trip to pick up my old RF900R and 500k round trip to buy Mrs 2wheelsagain's sight unseen ZZR250 (Both NR sales).
    Dont be scared of travelling for the right bike.
  10. For $4000 an Across would wanna be from the end of their production with bugger all km's on it.
  11. bikesales would be your best bet to find alot of bikes, they generally have good pricing.
  12. WOW really? Find another $1500 and you are into new bike territory.
  13. Online Motorcycles had an australian delivered CB250 (the model with the bent swingarm ;-) with 10,000 km for just $5,500. Has the usual ugly rack fited. Ph 02 6021 8888

    Whitehouse Motorcycles have a really nice red, non-tacho VTR250 with 26,000 but looking immaculate for the same money. Ph 02 6021 7588 Has a screen and a staintune fitted.

    Phone around if you seriously want to buy...Buzz's have a Honda 250 Custom, and who knows what else is around. Borrow a phone book and start dialling.


    Trevor G
  14. Yep really. And yes 1500 puts you in new bike territory, but not new zzr territory :p Its rrp is 8k+ on roads. Obviously that will be different with the new one coming out though :)

    On bikesales, 02 zzrs of decent condition are listed in low 5000 area. Yes thats only listed, but still..