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just a little hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SCR3WD, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. g'day guys, just found this section and thought i'd better introduce myself.

    my name is Russell, i'm 25 and i've been riding dirt bikes since i was about 3 (Honda QR50 - still got it!!) and only had my L's a few months. been meaning to get a licence for so long and finally made the booking when 3 mates got theirs. live in narre warren south (vic) and am mates with another member on here called BJ. i am buying his yellow 96/97 hornet 250 at the end of next month and the time really can't go fast enough.

    bought all my riding gear last month and once i get the bike you will see alot of me at your events. i've been a member or half a dozen or so ford related forums and even been president of one so i know these forums rely on good members to keep them going and there seems to be plenty of them here.

    well enough b/s from me, see ya's round!


    PS: i've paid my 5 clams, is there something on the site that shows me as a paid up member?

  2. Hey SCR3WD ... Welcome aboard the Netrider express!! I am only 28 postings more than yourself ... enjoy the information and mind opening experience being part of the amazing network. I am still on the L's, but this network has been so helpful for me.

    Ciao .... P.S. Wish I had been riding since 3 !!! :dance:
  3. thanks mate, grew up on farms and my old man couldn't wait to get me riding bikes and driving cars!
  4. [waves] hellooooooooooo [/waves]
  5. HI!!!

    Just a little one back!!!

  6. Welcome to the forums SCR3WD and congrats on being a fully paid member of netrider :)
  7. Welcome aboard Russell.
  8. Welcome Russell, see you on the road
  9. Hi SCR3WD, welcome to Netrider.
  10. Welcome Rusell :beer:
    Nice nick.... :p
  11. Hi did dadly did dadly dad o neighbourino
  12. Welcome to the friendly forums Scr3wd!
  13. thanks all!
  14. G'Day SCR3Wd welcome aboard :)
  15. Welcome SCR3Wd. :)

  16. hey Russell

    welcome to the nuthouse, you'll find alot of friendly folk here to banter with :)

    And about your membership logo....
    just go to your profile and press submit, it will update automatically and all your posts will then carry the netrider member logo :)

    Edit....slaps herself across the back of the head.....
    looks like you've discovered this already :p
  17. Hey SCR3WD welcome. Enjoy your stay.