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Just a little hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jaccob, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Ive been reading a lot of great info from this site, got around to making a profile and now I'll actually start posting.

    So hi! My names Jacob, I live on the north side of Brissy (Murrumba Downs to anyone local) I've only been riding for about 2 months now but I am loving it! I try to ride as much as I can but working and looking after our 5 month old baby don't leave me with too much spare time. So every ride counts.

    I ride a blue cf moto leader 150. Not the most powerful bike, but it's my first and I'm happy with it. Bought it through the people I got my qride with. $1000 for an 18 month old bike, still with 6 month factory warranty and 6 month rego with only a tiny 9000kms on it was good in my eyes.

    If there's anyone around my area that wants to show me a few new interesting rides in the area I'm always keen to meet new people.

    So that's me 8-[ I'm looking forward to gaining more knowledge, meeting new people, finding new roads and of course just riding.

  2. Welcome to NR brizzymite (y)
  3. Welcome! I'm from Brissy too and a newbie. A few of us have been talking about organising a morning meet where more experienced riders can share tips and techniques with us n00bs. So stay tuned for that. :)
  4. G'day Jacob, make yourself acquainted around the site well and get to know the intricacies of netrider well.
    enjoy your stay.
  5. Hello Jaccob, Welcome along.
  6. Sounds interesting, ill keep an eye out
  7. Welcome to NR. :)
  8. I saw one of those CF Motos a few months back when the 650 version was released. It's a tiny bike, but sounds like you got a pretty good deal on it. Any minor quality issues with it after 9,000kms or does it still seem like new? (I'm curious because the touring version of the 650 that's coming out later seems interesting given its price).

    Oh and welcome to NR :)
  9. G'day,how many beers have I had ?
  10. It's a trick question, the only correct answer is 'not enough'.
  11. Well the bloke I got it off said that something with the back wheel, not to sure what it was but I know where it is, said should be replaced at about 10000, but apart from that everything seems pretty good. Few scratches and dings but nothing major. It was an ex qride bike so that's expected but it's been looked after. I guess I'll just keep on going with it and if anything happens with it I'll let everyone know. In my opinion it is an awesome learner bike, I was considering buying one brand new but then that came up. Even $2400 brand new incl on roads is alright for that kind of bike. Hoping to upgrade in the new year to a bigger bike seeing as I'll be changing jobs and need something for freeway speeds. Looking at either sport touring or cruiser at the moment.

    And as for the beers, I would have to agree and say not enough :)
  12. how many beers have u got left is the
    only important question )
  13. Welcome to netrider mate.

    as for the beer issue if he can still type the answer is not enough :)
  14. ruthnc mksms fkfff dmdd
  15. ocffej tsil ym no ruoy