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Just a little Dirt

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by TenRider, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Thought I would go on a short ride Saturday. I live in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and twisty roads are a little few and far between. So I decided to test the the Tenere's AKA" Blue bush pig" on the dirt. I road up to Lerdergerg then all the way to Daylesford.
    This is a lovely little park area where 4*4 and dirt bike riders enjoy a weekend out without having to drive to the ends of the world. Well know park for camping and trekking. The park also happens to join up to State parks around the area.
    Since the weather has been so dry i thought my bike could handle the smaller tracks. I wasn't disappointed. Apart from the occasional mud hole it was very dry. One good thing the last bout of rain did was reduce the dust.
    I started the ride up Seerey Track that has a few drops and rises as it passes one of the many creeks. It then climes up all the way to Bluegum track where there is a wonderful panorama. It is amazing what is around when just of the beaten track.
    This track is really a decent gravel road. Few rocky patches and erosion spots since the last bout of rain but still in good condition. Some of the clime sections are relatively steep I could see the Traction Control light kicking in as I lost traction on the loose stuff. Loss of traction was not so much the road but the tyres I had. Very road biased, like I was on marbles until I lowered the pressure. Very surprising how this helped.
    From Blugum Track I turned up Obrians for a short time then did a right into Diggers Track. The sign read 4*4 only. I reasoned myself if it gets too rough I can head back. In the wet this track would be a mess but being so dry it was not that difficult. Again traction control was my friend and got me through the few slippery areas. I was doing the dirt bike pose of standing on the pegs, very surprised at the effort exerted buy the body to move 270kg bike on single trails. It was a constant forward, back, left, right and using my feet to steer as much as I could. In the other direcion I met up with dirt bike rides who must of thought I was absolutely nuts. From here I took Chettle Rd. again a very nice road. was able to ride resonably fast on this road as it twisted turned and climbed through the hills. I then turned up Yankee Rd, few rough rocky areas and by the look had a bit of new gravel put down in sections. I then crossed to Old Blackwood very rocky in some sections with a few steep climes and drops. Lots of fun.
    I got a look of shock from a group of dirt bike riders that were packing up at the end of this Rd.

    I then hit a bit of sealed rd until the net dirt bit. Wild Dog rd, strange name really. Was not all that wild. Rocky mostly but easy enough in the dry conditions. I was having fun spinning up the rear and over whelming the traction control.
    Confidence can encourage you to do great things but can also be your undoing as I found out on a road called "Toe Rag Rd". Just came off Cooper Rd and the sign on the entry said seasonal Rd closure. It was open so thought I would be ok. For some strange reason my GPS had trouble tracking this Rd and I got myself a little lost. It was single lane stuff with branches dropped over the rd and the odd mud hole.
    I spent a bit of time here trying to find the rd making wrong turns or loops that came back to the main track. Its had work turning this massive bike in such a tight area but I managed.

    Few of the big mud holes I went around where I could, being mindful of the environment. This is where a dropped my bike lost it on a bit of mud and I could not steer away from the small embankment, nearly hitting a tree. I was glad to see no damage done but lifting this pig had me panting and sweating like mad.
    Thinking discretion is the better part of valor I back tracked out to Coopers and found my next way point on the map. Didn't want to risk more mud holes and get stuck.

    I then headed up Stewart Creek Rd. Mostly gravel but easy enough going, this rd passes a small reservoir that is Daylesfords drinking water. From hear I climb up Wombat Creek and Cookatoo Creek track. I finally hit tar and head to the BP in Daylesford to pump up my tyres and have a drink and rest before home. I learned a few things though. Never trust your GPS. Have a back up plan. Dirt riding can be far more exhausting then road riding so pace yourself. Dont go beyond your limits. Have some drinking water at the least.
    What would I want to do to the Blue Bush Pig to make it better on the dirt? Better Tyre's for one and to raise the rear would be nice.
    Will I do it again? You bet. Different tracks this time. :) :)

    Hope I didn't ramble on to much?
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  2. Some photos of the first ride I did here. Same path except I took Ambers Track instead of Diggers. I didn't go all the way to Daylesford this day.
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  3. Beautiful, that first photo though :eek: is that a real track. Makes me think I should do some more dirt but perhaps not to that level. ;)
  4. First photo is of the dry river bed crossing. You can just make out the track on the side of the river.
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