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Just a hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by qualia, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. I joined up tonight and wanted to say hi.
    I have got lots of useful info and tips by lurking but decided to delurk.
    Have only been riding 3yrs but LOVE it and we are relocating back to Melbourne in the New Year and feel a bit nervous about the thought of all the traffic and tram tracks.

    I have a harley low 883 sportster

  2. Hi Jen; we LOVE de-lurkers (the word of the year!!!) here at Netrider.

    What on earth could persuade you tome from the Sunshine Coast to Melboourne :LOL:???

    Welcome to the posting side of Netrider, anyway!
  3. Wet tram tracks will teach you to ride...hehehe

    Welcome in.
  4. Appreciate the welcome.Returning to Melbourne due to a spouse that is too homesick and all our families are there.
    Have been away for 17yrs so will have to get used to many things.....like wet tram tracks lol
    jen :shock:
  5. Hi Jen, just think of all the great unexplored roads you will be able to ride.

    Welcome to NR!
  6. Hi Jen. Welcome to NR.

    Don't worry about the tram tracks, we haven't had enough rain to make them wet.
  7. Pete that will be a plus exploring new rides :grin:

    Grey BM ok i will stop worrying about the tram tracks, fingers crossed
  8. hi and welcome
  9. Jen, just in case I sent the wrong message, tram tracks can be a problem. You do need to be concious of them and treat them with respect. And in the wet even more so. But don't go stupid on them and you will be fine.