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Just a hello

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by apples, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. Hey everybody,

    Im Andrew,

    i have been reading on this forum for all of 24hours and thought it time to give a shout....

    im 22 (23 in a month) and currently ride a 2001 tt600 (the reviews scream "plagued with problems", but thats crap... i love her all the same :D )

    anyways im based in the ACT and if anyone wants to hit the cotter or just go for a cruise, just say when...

    By the way im really enjoying this site :!:

    email: andrewmiles82@hotmail.com

    cool seeya all around

  2. hey andrew, have a look at www.t595.net, there's a few guys over on that forum who live in canberra. will most likely come out of the woodwork for the snowyride. pretty good bike community in canberra, but keep well clear of eurotune motorcycles in queanbeyan, biggest bunch of hopeless fcukers that ever touched a motorcycle. head down to newcastle triumph for servicing
  3. Welcome to the site apples and stay rubber side down.

  4. oops meant wollongong
  5. gudday apples, happy posting
  6. thanks for the tip

    I found Mat McLadin Motors exceptional as well!!
    ( Narellan Rd, near Cambletown)
  7. welcome to mad house, dont' worry most of the members dont bite (unless you want them too ;) )
  8. G'day and welcome....... :D :D :D
  9. Welcome too. Sorry to hear about Eurotune. I used to know the people who ran it and they were top people, sad how things change.

    Used to ride the Cotter too, but not fastly enough!!!

    Try Rick Miller at RAM Motorcycle Engineering in Holder. Best wrench in Canberra bar none.
  10. Welcome to boards, enjoy you stay
  11. Hi and welcome Apples, we'll try not to give you the pip {groan}!
  12. Yo apples, welcome to the forums :)
  13. Welcome to the forums..
    As you can see i'm new too..
  14. Just a Hello back at you :D

    Welcome aboard
  15. Hi Andrew and welcome :D :D
  16. Hi Andrew! Welcome to the forums!! :D :D
  17. Hey welcome andrew. :D :D
  18. welcome to the forums
  19. Hello Andrew, welcome aboard Netrider :D
  20. Hi ya Apples and welcome. :)