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Just a friendly greeting from a new member! (oh and unusally long too.. didn't intend that! :S)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by staticallydynamic, Sep 25, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow forumerz

    Just thought I'd say hi, it would be rude not to! ahha

    Anyways.. I guess a little about me.. I'm 20 and from Victoria.

    Am studying an I.T CertIV/Diploma course & also I work casual nightshift @ good old' woolies. These two combined can be quite tiring. haha

    Currently I ride a VTR250 (matte black.. WITH A STAINTUNE! that's right.. stand back!)

    Nah I love it. Good little noob bike.. while I still have restrictions for a few more months. Actually am going to head straight to the bike question forum so you guys can recommend me my next bike :)

    I got my green p's on my motorcycle in April so I'm still a new rider.

    Unlike most newbs out there I'm not embarrassed or ashamed to admit my weaknesses and hoping to learn a little about how I can improve in my road skills.

    I'd say the major things I'd like to improve on are CORNERING. Holy shit.
    I do ride around the twisties now and again. But I think for a motorcyclist I really need to sort it out haha. Especially my left hand corners, they are probably my worse side? Weird that.. could that be related to me being right handed? Who knows.

    Also, U-Turns, especially on windy roads. I usually slow right down to 5-10kmph because I can't judge what speed to proceed around it.

    I've also participated in the honda coaching free program thing. That didn't help much.. turns out I knew more then my instructor. Ha.

    Anyways, I'll wrap this up.. I to leave for work in 30 minutes! (Thank-god for that on your behalves to save you a book-like read).

  2. Gee an IT guy, we don't get too many of them here, welcome to the funny farm
  3. is there any other type of rider,
    apart from young idiots who only care about speed and power,
    and retirees
    oh and 1% ers

    congrats on filing two stereotypes:p
  4. Not too sure what you mean here haha.

    But I can assure you I'm not your average new rider..

    I think safety is the most important factor and everything else is irrelevant especially for a new rider anyway.
  5. Welcome bud (y)

    What nobby means is that a heck of a lot of riders here are IT dudes...

    And spen means that a heck of alot of them are also 20 somethings..

    And you're both! Lol.

    I only fit one of these stereotypes..
  6. There are more than a few members here who are fairly new to riding and working in IT. You're not unique.

    Welcome along, staticallydynamic.

    ... we could go -
    #staticallydynamic = mate; // Let the pre-processor sort it out.
  7. Well that does surprise me indeed, I'm the only one I know of.. well before joining here anyways. But in terms of other interests I'm sure I differ greatly to the majority of these 'un-unique stereotypes' haha. Everyone is unique in the end anyway.
  8. Don't worry. The pool is a lot bigger than the IT guys give it credit for. I guess they can't see that an online motorcycle community would trend towards people already predisposed to spending their time online.

    It would be like getting a surprise walking into the candy store and finding a fat kid.

    And you don't fit two stereotypes of motorcycle IT guys. I found at least a third one.

    Just in case you're feeling lost, I made you a picture.

  9. @VTRAffair. Funny as! I was getting ready to puke. "I'm different to everyone else ... I'm keen to learn (especially how to ride around a corner) ... but bugger me if I didn't know more than my instructor ... Cannot believe I am only 20". End rant
    Welcome @staticallydynamic. Enjoy your riding
  10. I am in IT, from VIC and been in my mid-twenties for the last decade or so (does that count?) and by the looks of it, it will be like that for the next few decades or so. :)

    And welcome to NR. (y)
  11. If you dare start attgatt threads or pontificating safety then you will be rightly flamed by all and sunder, preaching is not appreciated so please use tact and common sense when posting to a forum of motorcyclists.
    Trust me it will make your stay a pleasant one.
  12. a shot across the bow from Smee.

    Welcome staticallydynamic. btw are you in Melbourne?
  13. Howdy and welcome!
  14. So I don't know your intention here, would you prefer if I posted an introduction with 'h3y guiz, can u lyk reccomend me the fasteest legal P plate bike so I can fly around the black spur on, and look t0tally coooooool while im doing it coz even tho I dnt hve mch exprience i think i'm lyk really confident ridr aha thanks for in advance"

    To be honest, I think forums are open-minded areas where individuals are allowed to discuss their opinions and thoughts.
    That's what brings a community together.
    And I believe what I said was accurate, not to judge or belittle anyone, it's not in my hands on how you percieve me to be.
    But I think of myself as a different, unique individual and I solely don't care about any member
    (regardless of the time they spend on here) trying to tell me different,
    even if they think are giving me advice on forum rules.
    I'm an active member of many forums and I think I get the gist of what is acceptable and not.
    After all, I'm here for bike and riding advice, nothing more or less.
    I do think of myself as a safe rider, whether you would like to believe so or not.

    I judge this not by my experience, it's pretty damn obvious I am inexperinced. (Read the new user part?)
    I know I am safe in comparison to other new riders judged by the following facts that I know with first hand experience that many new riders don't follow.

    I always wear full safety gear, even if it's a ride down the street. I take no chances.
    I won't try anything which I don't feel comfortable trying.
    If there is a faster rider in front of me, I do not care for trying to keep up...
    That obviously comes with riding experience, - my focus is to get riding basics dialed in.
    Where I mentioned cornering:
    I know it's something I get a little nervous about when I have to do it, so there folks is why it's my weakness.
    Not because I want to keep up with stupid, death seekers.
    I try not to sit in blind spots to avoid a car merging into me.
    Yes, the urge to speed is always there but I will restrict myself from doing so.
    I try and on a mixture of days with different levels of traffic to expose myself to different enviroments and situations.
    I try and ride on different roads constantly, from city traffic to urban riding to again, further my experience riding.
    I chose a safe, reliable bike to start on... with no regards in choosing a fast bike as my first one.
    I took this advice from my HART instructors.
    It was also a bike I rode before choosing it,
    so I knew I felt comfortable riding it and it suited me well.
    I also researched extensively into a good learner bike and gear and what provides added protection and realiability.
    I didn't skimp out on gear and buy the best bike I could.
    I made a thorough judgment on the two combined, because as I said, safety is the farmost importance.
    After all, I'm not living for you.. You don't care about my life.
    But I do, and I believe the decisions I make outcome risks and certain factors in my life.
    Unlike, 4 learners I know in person.. who have all crashed being careless.
    All who have believed to be more confident then myself.

    I also, like I said went out of my way to get coaching.
    Anyway, like I said.. you can't tell me what I'm allowed to think or say.
    There is forum rules for that, and so far to my knowledge, I haven't breached any rules.
    You think because you have more years under your belt you can judge any person as you wish.
    But you just make me disrespect you further.
    I don't mind if I'm not everybody's friend. Each to their own.
    Although, I don't wish to make any foes!
    I do look forward to making new friends with similar interests, and experience though. (Apparently, that is easy to find.. according to the majority :p)
    But let me state, I'm not changing my attitude or behaviour for you or anyone else.
    I am me and you have to learn to deal with that, if not don't bother replying to my posts.
    Let me have no responses, either way. I don't really mind... It's not a contest of who I'm impress the most!
    I do appreciate, constructive, interesting and encouraging posts however. :)
    But neither do I give two shits about being flamed. It doesn't affect me at all, if anything it gives me further
    confidence and experience dealing with... different.. people ha.
    And if anything, hopefully I'll learn a thing or two with it.

    Hardihaha about the stereotype, but on a more serious note, not everyone is what they may seem.
    I'm sure your experience in life has indeed at least enlightened you to this fact.
  15. I am indeed! : ) Eastern suburbs to be more precise. I see alot of members are located in these parts too.
  16. Sigh.

    Unlike you, I have actually grown acustom to not puke when dealing with such people, there is far too many.

    So please do tell me,
    How is stating my weaknesses in riding a naive thing?

    I knew more then my instructor, simply because she wasn't actually fully qualified and nothing she said, I benefitted from. Infact, I proved her wrong with lots of her logic which she agreed upon. I never boasted about being a more experienced or skillfull rider, but all her knowledge I pretty much read or spoke to else where from other riders who I found to be more wise and knowledgeable anyway.

    And in the end, knowledge isn't everything. It's rational and realistic thinking alongside knowledge which is on par in terms of importance for anyone looking to gain skills from anything.
  17. was gonna say welcome, but 'YOU'D know that already' right?
  18. Actually, I had a premonition that someone named goddie would welcome me. So yes. :)
  19. Welcome to NR :)

    Make sure you read the noob 101 - 104 threads about cornering. Excellent stuff there. My guess with your left handers is that you may be too tight on the bars. Because you need to keep some pressure on the throttle, you may well be pushing against the turn. So, pushing your left hand to turn left, but also pushing your right hand to keep pressure on the throttle. Next time, have a bit of a feel if you're doing that or not. If so, maybe try pulling the right bar. You can keep pressure on the throttle still, but not be pushing against the turn. Just a thought.
  20. Thanks, will go check it out & bookmark :)

    That sounds about right! I do tend to grip the bars tight..
    Lately I've tried the loosening my grip, but regardless I can't help my arms from locking up around corners :S Haha, It's like a mind game..
    I approach a corner and think to myself.. 'okay, don't forget proper positionin-SHIT' and then ride away thinking maybe I'll conquer it the next corner.. this never seems to be the case though aha. I need to trust myself a little more and my tyres maybe haha