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just a few questions

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by sez, Nov 18, 2006.

  1. hows it going.
    ive been riding for about 2 weeks now just been on a few little rides around my area, im feeling fairly confident and am looking to ride to work next week.
    there are a few areas where im not to sure about yet and wondering if anyone has any useful hints .

    headchecks?? how to do these properly, im head checking but im finding it hard to do a complete head check like i do in my cage...
    windy conditions?? i find i have to fight to keep my bike in a straight line when its windy... this issue also arises when a truck or some othere large cage comes past...

    i think thats it for now guys thanks
  2. I hated the wind when I started riding, and I was out one day and it was windy ,getting a few gusts here and there.
    Then the next day ,it was a full on storm blowing hard ,that was interesting.
    After that storm day ,a normal windy day didn't even bother me .
    Just take one day at a time, it gets easyer.

    Grip on with your legs and relax your shoulders ,you will notice the wind won't catch your chest as much .
  3. Plan your route (it does not have to be the same as in the cage)
    Allow additional time so you are not feeling pressed.
    Ride within your skill level.

    my 2c
  4. Sez -

    The wind thing really is just practise. Just try to build in enough space for error if you find gusts blowing you all over the road. Same with trucks - you know which direction the blast is coming from, so build in a bit of space, brace for it (without going totally rigid as concrete) and carry on. Gale force days generally don't come up that often, anyhow.

    Headchecks - a little tip is this - depending on your bike and riding style, you can try over the shoulder or under your arm. Over the shoulder is generally better, but some riders just can't get comfortable with it. Just don't give up in frustration - you need head checks to stay alive! On all my other bikes over the shoulder has been best. On my Ducati, because of my riding stance, only under-arm checks (phew!) worked.

    Stick with it....

  5. I take it checking YOUR under-arms, is best left to you, OB??? :LOL: :LOL:
  6. Now now, hornet.

    The Child Bride decribes "old blue stratos" as having a scent that is "manly, musky, and not without its charms."

    I just think it stinks....

  7. thanks guys helpful hints, if any of you feel like you wanna go for a ride with a learner and see if im forgetting any other usefull things let me know.
  8. :idea: You might want to update your profile to reflect what area/suburb you live in or is it melb cbd ?
  9. sorry about that guys, im from upwey in the dandenongs