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Just a couple of Pics of my bikes

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by Pezza, Oct 4, 2011.

  1. Hi i am by no means any good at photography or editing But i do enjoy doing so here are a few pics I took before :)

    First is of my SV650 in its little cave

    Second is my 640SM in its natural habitat
  2. Nice bike mate!
  3. I love the first picture.
    Good work Pezza, more of the KTM!
  4. [​IMG]
  5. i like the motard :)
  6. NIce one Pezza (y)
  7. Hey Prezza is that second photo of the bridge in hustbridge at cottles bridge?
  8. you shall be banned from Netrider forever!

    your sin? having a far too tidy garage :LOL:

    Nice bikes, and nice pics too (y).

  9. Nah some dodgy old bridge down wildwood road
  10. So that's a garage.
    Looks more like my loungeroom!!! (only cleaner) :rofl:
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  11. lol yeah its actually a granny flat/bungalow thing complete with aircon hot water and heater! The place im at has no garage so the bikes sleep in there :p
  12. That's nice Dan, and you know I love your Kato mate but If you really loved your bikes you'd keep them like this.:D

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  13. That's pro. I'm afraid the GF would have a few choice words to say to me if she came home and found both the bike in the living room :(

    Would be a great set of 'Decorations' thou
  14. Im jealous of your garage