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Just a bit silly

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jaccob, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. This is actually my first post on netrider, so hello etc (I'll do an intro later)

    The story- I work nights at a pizza shop and tonight was the same old thing, about 12:30 a guy walks in, seeing as we are in the same complex as a pub my first thought was "great, drunk bogan" he walked in helmet in hand and placed his order. Let's just say he'd had a few too many beers. He was talking about his new bike, so I walked out to check it out. Fairly new gsxr (no idea how big, I'm new to this game) said something how he was going through a divorce at the moment and he had a thing today with a few mates and beers and what not. First thing that made me worried was the video he showed me, basically him on his bike (I guess earlier that day) tearing up the back wheel and leaving half of the rubber moulded onto the road, along with a big cloud of smoke. I gave him his food and he chucked the garlic bread in his jacket, sat the pizza on the tank and off he went.

    I don't really judge people, but to me what he did, I thought was very, well stupid. Wearing boardies and thongs, getting on a fairly powerful bike while, I guess you could say drunk, is not something alot of people would attempt.

    Anyways hope he got home safe and I don't hear about him on the news tomorrow. I'm against drink driving but when it's someone you don't know, I don't exactly feel comfortable telling them what to and not to do. Just thought I'd vent a bit on here. I think his name was Rick but I'm not too sure. Not dobbing him in, just saying how I feel about it.
  2. 000 is the number to call, while the Pizza is cooking.

    Drink driving is something I don't tolerate - and I'm not talking about one or two beers. If he is clearly drunk, I'd say you have an obligation to do something about it.

    As for carrying a pizza - that is a good effort!!!

    I stopped for Chinese on the way home. I was planning on chucking it under the jacket, but it was a lot more runny than I thought! Had to use the tie down straps, and just about roll around corners upright!!!8-[
  3. I just thought he was a bit happy, until I gave him his order and realized he was drunk. I thought about calling the police but I think the state he was in it would've ended up in a chase of some sort. And that would mean the amazing pizza I just made would end up smooshed on the road.

    Haha yea, thought it was quite funny the way he managed to ride away like that. I wonder if he actually got it home in one piece.
  4. I just hope he wasn't on a blue bike? Shocking fatal accident up there this morn...
  5. You're right. He might have dropped the pizza carrying it that way.

    Pizza should only be carried in an ADR approved high-vis pizza bag permanently affixed to the front of the bike.
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  6. That would be a seriously impressive trick, assuming you sliced it for him before he left.

    Oh, and welcome to NR :)
  7. Would have been cleared up well before morning.
  8. ^yea it was a blue bike. Well blue and whitey silver.
  9. Did you breatho him ?
    You made a few assumptions.
    Get a life.
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  10. I bungee corded more than one pizza to the back seat of the Cb400. Worked pretty well, only squashed the pizza a little bit :)
  11. You could have posted the security video of him in your store and we could judge wether he's pissed or not...

    Just make sure there are no license plate shots on the video though :wink:
  12. No I didn't, but the fact that after he showed me the video he said he'd had a few beers and other things that day. He couldn't exactly stand up without stumbling and was slurring his words. I'd say my assumptions were justified.

    As for the security vids, we don't have one that I have access to out the front.
  13. MMMMMMM,,,,,do you think that was a serious comment.
  14. Assumptions and opinion on netrider are strictly prohibited. Please submit anything you wish to write about anything via handstand wheelie to an admin in advance. Or pm Blabs.
  15. shit... I took the bait... shit.
  16. funny one blab
  17. i feel like i just got troll molested...
  18. look that was just blabbs grabbin a pizza
    he prolly stopped n strapped a carton on the
    back as well
    dont sweat it we tolerate blabbs becsuse
    hes good for a cheap lol
  19. OMG, he called the squid stupid!
  20. Blabs cracks me up, gotta have a dry sense of humor with that bloke.