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Jury Duty

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Hey all, I've been summoned to be available for jury duty between june 08 and 09 and frankly thats not going to happen. I'd be willing to do it during uni holidays but taking time off during uni is just unacceptable. I only have a 12 week semester. Missing more than 2 classes is an automatic fail. Yes I'd be able to avoid that with jury duty proof, BUT the bigger problem is that with such a short term even missing 2 weeks would totally stuff me up, missing out on the content, assessments, information, etc. that I'd likely fail fail and definitely do poorly, which isn't fair.

    Some of you are likely going to think 'who cares, no one wants to do it, you just have to', keep your comments to yourself I'm a poor uni student ffs spending who knows how much a year to learn, and having this stuff me up is just crazy.

    So yeah, I'm looking for a way out of it. Any ideas?

  2. The big problem is that once you are in the system, they consistently call you up.
  3. I believe as a student you can be exempted. (For exactly the reason you have cited) I am not sure if PPs information leaves you open to a legal response so I would find somewhere more reliable than here to confirm your responsibilities and rights in regards to this. Also note that if you are in a pool that is called on the 08th and it turns into a 2 week epic trial it is not just a class or two you would be missing
  4. Thanks for the responses, keep em coming.

    Yup falcon lord thats what I mean, 2 weeks is likely a best case scenario since they don't have juries for unimportant trials eh..

    PP, the form specifically says DO NOT send the form back if you do not have any reason not to attend. Ie. not sending = you are accepting its ok to summon you.

    This is likely a difference between NSW and VIC.

    Wheres the tramp? :)
  5. So not sure if you filled in something earlier.
  6. Hey, phizog...I did a thread on this once upon a time when I was called up for JD.

    Here's a link, just in case it contains something helpful :)

    Jury Duty Stuff
  7. Be a career crim. They leave you completely alone.
  8. they never call me up.
  9. Thanks Fuzzy, I read it all.. looks like I'd have to show up to the initial thing and biatch that I can't take time off from uni for non uni stuff.. except that its ironic that you have to take time off to go tell them that you can't take time off..

    They know I'm a student, it says STDNT or something + my birth date on my details section...

    Haven't filled in any forms about jury service before no.
  10. Go to the initial selection, say you hate blacks, whites, jews, christians, muslims and every other kunt on the earth, and it is highly unlikely any solicitor/barrister is going to want you on a jury.
  11. Wear your KKK outfit and you'll be fine
  12. You can either mail them a letter or call them up, and get you duty postponed. My g/f is on duty soon as well, but originally it was for april. She explained that she was going away for two weeks, so they gave her another date.
  13. This is probably the sanest advice I've seen.
    If you don't reply (as stated) you are saying that you are willing to do it.
    Unfortunately being a student is not enough in itself, but they should exempt you from exam times etc.

    Also incorrect is the fact that juries are used in "big cases only". In a lot of cases it's a 1-3 day job in and out.
  14. Phiz talk to your lecturers they may be able to get an official letter stating that due to your course/ subject requirements you are unable to attend.

    I was called for jury duty during uni exam time and sent them off my exam timetable with an explanation. They happily said I was not required. :)
  15. Hey, if you can't get out of jury duty then rock up wearing a suit. You'll almost be guaranteed of being rejected by the defence, unless it's a white collar crime then the prosecution may well reject you.

    When I rocked up I was the only one wearing a suit. Everyone else was wearing casual gear. When I was summonsed to go sit in the box, the defence took one look at me and rejected me.

    The guy who got elected foreman, and who, thinking about it looked a hell of a lot like that Carl Williams guy, rocked up wearing shorts, sandals and Hawaii shirt.

    He ended up bailing on day two of the trial thus forcing a mis-trial...
  16. Rubbish. If you are enrolled to vote and in a certain age group, you will eventually be called up for jury duty. There is no way around it. The names are drawn at random from the electoral commision database. Filling in a form or not does nothing, yu will get reminder notices.
    If you have done what you have claimed to do in teh past, you must have a criminal history or you are a liar, or you just got lucky once.
    You WILL get summonsed again someday.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. Typhoon is correct. I was called up and deferred it twice, once because I was involved in a new job, and the second time because I had just started my own business.

    Except for the defense in a hate crime.

    I joked that I'd turn up shaven headed and in bike leathers and was informed to wear a suit too.
  18. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    If am in fact summoned when I have classes, I will not attend. Not compromising my future for a court case.
  19. You can be fined or something if you just don't turn up. Read the notice, and any web site it references, and/or ring and find out how to legitimately get out of it.

    I defered once as I was the only person in Australia who could teach a course for a new business. Next time I had to attend, and wasted two days sitting around waiting, playing games with others in the pool, and was twice called in for jury selection.

    I just went in a suit, and carried my laptop. I didn't even get to stand up fully before I was rejected for the two criminal cases. It may have been different if they were white collar crimes.

    Finally, if you are called up and put onto a jury, I believe that you can apply to the Uni for special consideration, which should bump up your marks, or give you more time to study, or whatever.
  20. Thanks RoderickGI, I'm sending back the form saying I can't due to uni.. I know they'll reject that but better than doing nothing maybe.. we'll see.