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Jury Duty

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Fuzzy, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever done jury duty? I've just been called up for the 2nd time.

    Last time I sent the form back stating I was exempt as I am more than 50 Kms from Melbourne and I'll probably do the same thing again. While I think it would be interesting, it's probably bad form to do it just cos I'm bored :roll:

    This may be considered a case of not accepting the responsibility that I have been asked to accept, but what the hey... :p

  2. You gotta love a legal system where peoples' fate is decided by twelve people who are too stoopid to get out of jury duty.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    (Not a dig at you Fuzzy, just an obseration I read somewhere...)
  3. I too have an 'out' and will use it every time. :wink:
  4. I've been called up once. It couldn't have come at a worse time as we were in the middle of my daughter's 21st prep/organisations. And I was worried that I'd be stuck somewhere "considering" a verdict.

    Anyway, I was the only potential juror to rock up wearing anything close to a suit and was promptly rejected.

    The clown who they made foreman was dressed in a lurid Hawaiian type shirt and was a bit of a "lad".

    Anyway at the 21st I was speaking to a copper (my daughter's in the legal trade) who was involved in the case. He told me that the foreman caused a mistrial or some other disruption to the case when he decided that he no longer wanted to participate and failed to turn up, halfway through the case...

    Someone once said something along the lines of "having your future entrusted to 12 people with no knowledge of the law and who aren't smart enough to get out of jury duty".

    They try to make it so that it's a privilige. Anything that's compulsory ain't a privilige, right or whatever. It's forced labor, nothing more, nothing less.
  5. Yeah, we should get called up for 'judge' duty! Then I would go, make sure some of these scumbags actually get what they deserve.
  6. I've been called up twice and both times got selected for the first case I was in the pool for :roll:

    1st one was many years ago and was an 8 week NCA Drug Case :shock: but they pulled the pin on it after 3 days. The 2nd was a work place injury case & I ended up being chosen as foreman :shock: it went for two weeks.

    First thing they tell you in the Jury room is "Forget what you've seen in LA Law and Law & Order".
  7. I copped a Jury duty one day.....couldn't get out of it so I turned up...we were there for most of the morning and we had just heard the opening arguments when the bloke looked at us and pleaded guilty...........but we got paid for our time...$45 woo hoo :roll:
  8. Not taken as a dig at all Pete. They give a few options for 'outing' yourself so to speak... just glad I qualify for one of them, puts me in the smart (and lucky) category alongside triway :grin:

    :LOL: This gives me a mental image of a jury full of Rodney Dangerfields
  9. Nope never gonna get called up :shock: Illegal stuff when was a whipper snapper :cool: So if u wanna get out of it just do something that the powers to be wont like :p

  10. :WStupid: great idea
  11. I got called up. Was doing a traineeship at the time and told them I couldn't take time off.

    Was let go. Was just a pain in the ass I'd sat in that big conference room for the majority of the day before even being called into one. BOOOOOOOOOOORINGGGGGGG :mad:
  12. Never been called up.

    I'd just get a medical certificate from dad saying I'm allergic to jury duty or something & can't do it :grin:
  13. I told them I visit netrider... they let me go :cry:
  14. My lawyer suggested it would be fun so I went along with the paperwork.
    Somehow, I wasn't required so I didn't need to front up.
    Oh well.
    Next time.
    I like wearing my Prada-esque attire. :cool:
  15. I got called up for jury duty once. I said no. :)

    Yeah, but you still have to go to court that way anyway. On top of that, you don't get paid. :?
  16. I got paid my Kms for just turning up for the pool, got out of it as it was also my first day at a new job the following day and judge exepted me.
  17. hmmm, stupid people on the jury you say?? :?

    of course!! that's why they didn't believe me :LOL:
  18. I've never been called, but apparently if you show great interest in the legal system it can be seen as undesirable. In my Yr 12 Legal Studies class years back my teacher said that "if you're ever called for jury duty, don't mention you've studied law on any level or they won't accept you." I don't know how accurate that is.

    Just on another thought... could it possibly be interesting?! I've also been led to believe that your boss has to keep paying you while you're away. Once again - not sure if that's up to date, but hey - time off work - hmmm! But yeah - being self employed doesn't really work.
  19. I don't really understand everyone's aversion to jury duty - hey, it's a time off work, paid! And while it could be boring at times, well, so is my job. Also, I wouldn't actually mind doing this easy bit for the society...
    It's ironic that people who do get called seem so keen to get out of it, while I would be perfectly happy to go, but I never get called!
  20. I live more than 50 kms from Melbourne CBD so don't have to do jury duty. That's a lot of people into the jury pool that they're potentially missing out om. When I signed the forms they had an option that you could still be called if you chose (which I didn't) so mebbe some folk out-of-town take the option.