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Jury Duty (you may be arrested)

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. OK so some of you may have read a post a while ago I made about getting a jury duty letter. To this I wrote back saying I am unable to go due to full time study.

    I have now got a letter advising me I have to turn up on this date to be a juror for a trial (or at least, determine whether I would be used).

    Just reading the info they provided, under the section for arriving to court;
  2. Mate that sucks!
    One sure way to ensure you won't be selected is to turn up looking like this:

  3. Arrested!
    That would get you out of the jury service :)

    I got a letter last year and cant remember seeing helmets not being permitted. :? Would be worth questioning why.........
  4. That's strange... I just checked the mail and found the same letter and was going to post here to ask a few questions.

    Phizog, mind me asking what date you have to attend? Mine is August 18th - woohoo I won't be going to work then :)

    As I have never been called for jury duty before, was wondering if anyone that has knows what the process is after I attend on the date outlinned? Do they ask me questions then pick a bunch of us? Sorry if it seems like a silly question ... I just don't know anything about this :oops:

  5. Strange about the Helmet requirement Phizog, can't find any reference to it on the NSW Lawlink site. Did find this though:

    University Students and Jury Service
    Generally full time university students can be excused from attending jury service. Exemptions can also be made if your jury service is scheduled to clash with exams. If you believe that the length of the trial on your summons is such that your studies will be adversely affected, you can talk to the Sheriff’s staff when you attend court and seek an excusal at that time.


    Re Starlet's questions, generally you will attend into the Jury pool room. During the day you are there the Jury pool admin will randomly select generally 20 people at a time and send them up to a court.

    Once n the court the Judge will generally give an idea of the length the trial is expected to take and ask if anybody has a valid reason to not sit on this jury. For instance the accused may be someone you know in which case you are automatically excused. In the court you will be asked for you name and generally occupation and will be asked to walk past the accused in the dock. The prosecution lawyer and the defence lawyer, (in consultation with his/her client) has the opportunity to accept or reject you. If accepted you are empaneled on to the jury. They need 12, and sometimes if the trial is going to be a long one they will select 2 extras who are reserves to use a sporting term.

    If you are rejected its back to the Jury Pool room for you and you may get called out in the next random selection. If you don't get empaneled after 2 days I think they release you and you can go back to your normal life.
  6. So, straight to the pool room then....

    Sorry, couldn't resist :grin:
  7. Sounds like you'll need to ride there without a helmet (like the Yanks). Just keep the letter on you in case the cops pull out over.
  8. You are reading too much into it.

    Once you arrive at court you are asked to surrender your items at the security checkpoint. You are given a slip for "seized items" and you collect them upon your departure.

    The article refers to you "sneaking" a helmet into a court room as you may be Osama's cousin ;)

    The best way to avoid doing Jury duty is to slap someone, get arrested for assault, plead guilty, get off without a conviction, jobs done ;)
  9. stop making sense. next thing you know theyre gonna want me to take off my helmet when i go to the bank
  10. Vic, you have just confirmed my suspicions that you are in fact an evil man.

  11. Or just wear an "I love Al-Quada" shirt and a turbin - that should do it!
  12. Has anybody here seen Monk, the tv show about a obsessive compulsive detective? Just go up to a black/asian/aboriginal/non-caucasian man and shake his hand, then promptly get a Kleenex and thoroughly clean your hand.
  13. Does that mean if you've say... been arrested, gone to court, gotten a diversion order, and no conviction, that you won't ever have to do jury duty?

    If, so, F*$K YEAH!!!! :)
  14. The best way, to get off jury service is to say " just look at the c**t, fu**er look guilty to me" make sure you say this before entering the court room.
  15. Indeed :)

    I hit people ;)
  16. Fixed for you Vic
  17. Oh, you're not that bad. I reckon you're orright