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Junk, bewbs, gloves and other random stuff

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by razorcat, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Haha 'sensitive sooty'. I love it. But sensitive is not what I am.

    I get pissed off with the lack of female representation in riding. I get annoyed with the fact that you can't get a good fitting jacket that accomodates chesticles bigger than a B cup. I get peeved that there are still podium girls (it's a bit of a bloody 1970s old fashioned relic) and those chicks that hold the umbrellas over the heads of the MotoGP riders give me the pip.

    What I do like is the massive spike in girls who are taking up motocross and I like that Maurice Blackburn sponsor Bron Sorensen (that's her to the right there --->). I like that I have never had a male rider laugh at me or criticise me for getting on the bike and in fact every male rider has been totally supportive.

    If I was going to sook about the stuff that bothers me about being a chick on a bike, I'd never get on one again.

    But there is a whole heap of stuff I like even more about being a chick on a bike. Which is why I do it. With a massive grin on my mug. :D
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  2. When a lass is on the grid they get an umbrella man.
    All very equal and correct.
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  3. Whooooooaaaaaa there, easy steamer. Lets not be too rash there !

    You just leave the umbrella girls alone.

    The rest of this thread might be pissing, moaning and going off topic but comments like that are just way outta hand.
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  4. if the grid girls/podium girls/umbrella girls etc... didn't WANT to do it they WOULDN'T...

    i don't think anyone has a gun to their head saying do it.
  5. Maybe but I have solved the issue>>>
    I could do a group buy :)

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  6. I agree with ya @razorcat ..it'd be nice to see more female riders. In saying that, it'd be nice to see more participation from the ones that are on the forum. I mean, even the super secret forum that everyone knows about doesn't get used much.

    As for the clothes, I wear mens gear for the simple reason - I can't stand pink, purple, flowers, tight fits and short jackets. That's all we seem to get.

    wait.. what was this thread about again? .. oh yeah.. moderators and stuff..

    carry on o_O
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  7. Leave the leather vest alone! It's done nothing to hurt you.
  8. Man this thread is becoming the new goonies thread!
    So off topic and all over the place! Love it!
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  9. Maybe all the gone-ies will come back then (y)
  10. Some never left.
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  11. Last I heard of the Goonies was them coming to SA to drink piss in my shed.
  12. It's still the plan.
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  13. Let me know when that happens, I'll be there with bells on.
  14. You'd better extend an invite. We can talk shit about how I really really wish I could be bald with a leather vest :D
  15. I have started collecting vintage razors and strops,so you should be right.
  16. What's with the leather vest fetish Devil?
  17. So now there is a dress code?

    Who will moderate that?
  18. Are Argyle cardigans allowed?
  19. Manditory