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June Photo Competition - Entries

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. 19 pics last month, was a hard one to pick, good luck for the month of June, lets see them

  2. Me and a mate picked up our new trackies this arvo.
    Click for stupidly high res version.

  3. Is that a pull start?
  4. >.< !!! I don't know how to manually re-size ! What do you change in the code?

  5. little pocket rocket bikes

  6. upload it to photobucket, u can resize it there, can also do other stuff, pretty good site

    plus what camera are you using, lot of blue tinge in your photo, needs a bit of photoshop work :)
  7. Oh its just with my iPhone with an app called Hipstamatic... Still working out all its features ;) thanks for the tip!
  8. Here's one of my little baby nice and clean just before I put on the new pipe taken along a a very popular route.
    Was feeling lazy so used auto functions for level and color with photoshop.
    Taken with my phone so not too bad considering.

  9. pic is void, another entry added below
  10. Seriously, who cares?
    Here is my entry for the month. This is a picture of my cat.


  11. Wow, you sure you didn't come all the way down to Tassie, sneak into my house, and take a photo of my cat? Incredibly similar patterns and colour!
  12. Taken on the first day of my honeymoon on the gold coast

    Attached Files:

  13. Got any others of your honeymoon?
  14. Cannot be voted on read the RULES GUYS!
  15. Flying back from Philip Island ;)

  16. Doh'in good!
  17. Heli, u look a bit like Mick Doohan mate
  18. was just thinkin that goz....

    had this lil guy hangin out on my back fence preventing me from jumping over to get in the back door (left my keys inside)
  19. [​IMG]
    Taken a couple of weeks ago.