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June Photo Competion- Voting.

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by Caz V1, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. :)
    I wonder who will win this month?

  2. Hey Caz

    I must be a bit simple. But is there an announcement at the end of the voting to definitely say who won or is it just up to us to tally the numbers in our head (not an easy task for me!!). Or is it like a really crap game of footy where people say, "at the end of the day the REAL winner is football itself" and we can say "at the end of the day the REAL winner is motorcycling photographers".

    I am not complaining, just wanting to know who won. I appreciate all of the photos and the effort of the mods to make sure that we are not naughty when posting!!


  3. I vot for BIWOZ's pic of teh VStrom this month, very nice shot
  4. +1 for BIWOZ
  5. redviffer's rainbow shot gets my vote.

    Dreamy :)
  6. tamarasue gets my vote ! ;)
  7. Redviffer get's my vote. That's what long distance riding is all about!

    Tex & Bundy
  8. I like 3 of the pics virtualy equally this month. IMO they are all well composed and add an extra dimension.

    Redviffer has a rainbow and captures an essence of Australia too.

    Ricecookers has an on the edge, MAD MAX element about it, and the fog combined, give the image a moody feel.

    Adinfinitums is a sharp image of a sharp bike with a very sharp wind

    I have to select by a process of elimination.

    Adinfinitum, sorry man but at 7am your pic is just too sharp for my senses.

    Viffer, shit hot shot mate, but it deos not have the originality of Ricecookers mist.

    For its evocative nature as well, my vote goes to you Ricecooker
  9. Deyago's where the fark are we, in the fog :cool:
  10. redviffer has my vote, just something about that shoot that say's "I'm gonna get wet and don't care"....
  11. I reckon Biwoz's is the most interesting and makes you wonder how to get there - so my vote goes there too.
  12. redviffer gets my vote :)